The Visionaries of 2474

Title: The Visionaries of 2474

Scene: A Futuristic Classroom in the Year 2474


The classroom is a futuristic, light-filled space with holographic screens and virtual learning tools. Students of various ages and backgrounds are seated in a circle, facing a holographic projection of Chandidas, the humanist poet. Chandidas is projected in lifelike 3D, making it feel like he’s in the room. The students are a diverse group representing various cultures and beliefs, symbolizing the inclusivity of the future.


Chandidas (Hologram): Chandidas is a 15th-century Bengali humanist poet who appears as a lifelike hologram. He embodies the spirit of open-mindedness and truth-seeking. Dressed in traditional Bengali attire, he exudes wisdom and humility.

Lila: Lila is a young girl of about ten years old with a warm and curious personality. She represents the future generation, open to learning and embracing diversity.

Ezra: Ezra is an adult student in his 30s, wearing futuristic attire. He personifies the idea of lifelong learning, committed to understanding the past and shaping a harmonious future.

Nadir: Nadir is a middle-aged individual with a kind disposition, symbolizing the blending of diverse backgrounds. His presence shows the potential for unity and acceptance among various belief systems.

Aria: Aria is an elderly lady, a symbol of wisdom and the passing down of cherished values to future generations. She represents the continuity of the humanist ideal.

Dialogue and Development:

Chandidas (Hologram): (with a gentle smile) “In looking forward to 2474, our goal is to manifest a world where tolerance for diverse viewpoints is paramount. Humanity comes first, with religion following.”

Chandidas pauses as his words hover in the air, inviting contemplation.

Lila: (with curiosity) “What does that mean, Chandidas? Humanity first?”

Chandidas (Hologram): (encouraging) “Ah, young one, it means that in the future, people will cherish their shared humanity above all else. We will look beyond the labels and divisions, embracing our differences as strengths.”

Ezra: (nodding) “And religion follows, signifying that faith, while important, doesn’t divide us. We’ll respect diverse beliefs and coexist harmoniously.”

Nadir: (reflecting) “In the year 2474, we’ll understand that our various beliefs enrich the tapestry of our existence. It’s a world where differences are not feared but celebrated.”

Aria: (wise and serene) “Chandidas, your words resonate through the ages. In our time, the value of truth above all else will guide us. It’s the foundation of a just and compassionate society.”

Chandidas (Hologram): (with a glint in his eye) “That’s right, dear friends. Let’s manifest this vision, where tolerance, humanity, and truth reign. It’s a future where diversity is our strength, and unity is our goal. It starts with each of you.”

The holographic projection of Chandidas starts to fade, leaving a room filled with inspired students.


The scene conveys the essence of the ideal world in 2474, where tolerance, humanity, and truth are cherished. Through the holographic presence of Chandidas, the characters in this futuristic classroom symbolize the spirit of inclusivity and unity that shapes the future. The past meets the end as they envision a harmonious world where differences are celebrated, and humanity is embraced above all else.

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