The Mystic Peace Train

Narrator: In Navadipa, tribes, nations, and different realm creatures gather at the enchanted Mystic Train Station. The Mystic Train “Rail of Realms “symbolizes Unity and waits to transport them to the Peace Summit at Square Station.

[The leaders board the Mystic Train as the crowd watches anxiously.]

Act 1: 

In that era, travelers didn’t have the luxury of subway systems or electronic buttons to signal their stops. Instead, time travel would involve a journey by ship or foot, depending on the location and destination. The very first working railway system came in 1825. Sir Stephenson successfully tested it in England. Hiawatha, the peacekeeper, foreseeing the benefit of Unity, had embarked on a mission to mediate and prevent a clash between clans, the Red Army and the White Army. His arrival was marked by the rustling of leaves and the wind whispering through the dense, untouched forests. The air was crisp and carried the scent of Earth and wildflowers.

Scene 1: The Gathering of Nations

[The stage is set as a mystical train station. A large, ornate train is parked on the tracks. Representatives from various tribes and nations are gathered, each wearing their traditional attire.]

“Rail of Realms: A Journey through Time and Space”


– Narrator

– Passengers

– Expert Lecturer

– Hiawatha

– Mission Controller


– The stage is divided into two main areas: the Rail of Realms train compartment and the cosmic void where Hiawatha embarks on his heavenly journey.

[The stage is divided into two main areas, with the Rail of Realms train compartment on one side and the cosmic void on the other. Passengers board the train, marveling at the futuristic interior.]

Narrator: (Excited) In 2075, a revolutionary technological leap transformed how humanity traveled through realms. Welcome to the Rail of Realms!

[Inside the advanced time-travel vessel, passengers sit attentively, and the mission controller, a being of luminous energy, begins to explain the time-travel theory.]

Mission Controller: (In a mechanical voice) When you stay in your seat, your speed is zero.

[Hiawatha nods, absorbing the information.]

Mission Controller: (Continuing) If you travel lightning fast, you will not see the same scene around you.

[Hiawatha listens, intrigued. When I sway at lightning speed..]

Mission Controller: (Elaborating) We will be sitting beside you. You may see us as different creatures, as mythical characters like angels, gods, fairies, etc.

[Hiawatha’s eyes widen as he starts to grasp the concept.]

Mission Controller: (Clarifying) You may visit our versions because we are sitting around you. Speed changes the scenario outside of windows.

[Hiawatha nods in understanding, realizing the profound implications of this time-travel theory. The vessel glides through time and space, and Hiawatha’s journey becomes even more extraordinary.]

[Passenger Ruiz and Halk sit in a futuristic train compartment, their faces filled with wonder and confusion after the train conductor’s lecture about time travel.]

Ruiz: (Puzzled) Did you catch all of that? It’s like… our spirits are racing at the speed of light, and we’re off to meet creatures with wings and fire. What was he talking about?

Halk: (Baffled) He said something about superpowered beings and famous movie characters in the next realm. Honestly, I don’t understand it all.

Ruiz: (Thoughtful) And the part about visiting places like Navadipa and Ganiganj, witnessing historical events… it’s like we become living history books during the journey.

Halk: (Intrigued) Right. He mentioned the train compartment number on the window, our soul’s age, and how we return to Earth with erased memories. It’s all quite baffling.

Ruiz: (Reflective) So, if I got this right, it’s like we go on this incredible adventure during our dreams, but when we wake up, it’s all forgotten? That’s frustrating.

Halk: (Curious) But what if we could somehow bring back even a tiny bit of that knowledge? Imagine the discoveries we could make!

Ruiz: (Realistic) Well, the conductor did say it’s not possible, right? We need to enjoy the ride and the mysteries of the next realm, even if we can’t remember them.

Halk: (Optimistic) You’re right, Ruiz. Let’s make the most of this unique journey and see what surprises the next realm has for us.

[Ruiz and Halk share a hopeful smile as the futuristic train continues its journey into the unknown.]

[Passengers take their seats, and the train departs. As it accelerates, passengers experience a surreal sensation as their surroundings blur into light streaks.]

Narrator: (Descriptive) The Rail of Realms utilizes quantum tunnels, harnessing the power of subatomic particles to create portals between different dimensions and periods. It’s a journey that transcends the boundaries of time and space.

[During the journey, passengers access interactive displays and enjoy lectures from an expert on board.]

Expert Lecturer: (Engaging) Today, we’re passing through the Renaissance period, a time of great art and innovation. Da Vinci’s inventions continue to inspire us.

[The train stops at a station where passengers disembark as ambassadors of their time and place.]

Narrator: (Reflective) As the train arrived at each station, travelers disembarked as tourists and ambassadors of their own time and place.

[The scene transitions to the cosmic void, where Hiawatha is inside a celestial vessel.]

Narrator: (Mystical) In the depths of the cosmic void, where stars shimmered like distant dreams, Hiawatha, the earthly peacemaker, found himself in a realm beyond imagination.

[Hiawatha meets the mission controller.]

Mission Controller: (Wisdom) “Hiawatha, your mission is important to your people and the fabric of the universe.”

[The vessel glides through the cosmic expanse, and Hiawatha is amazed by the celestial wonders.]

[The stage is set to transition between the train compartment and the cosmic void as Hiawatha embarks on his mission, symbolizing the unity of earthly and heavenly realms.]

Authors note: 

A reader will likely understand episode one with at least an 8th-grade education (age 13-14), and it should be easy for most adults to read. The story combines mythology, time travel, and unity, creating an intriguing narrative that blurs the physical and spiritual boundaries, ultimately leading to a Peace Summit where different factions aim to find common ground.

This script combines the journey through the Rail of Realms with Hiawatha’s cosmic adventure, making it suitable for a captivating stage performance. Lighting and visual effects can enhance the celestial voyage scenes, creating a visually stunning production.

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