In the mystical world of Navadipa, various tribes, nations, and creatures from different realms gather at the enchanting Mystic Train Station. This station serves as the hub for the Mystic Train, known as the “Rail of Realms,” symbolizing unity and peace. The train aims to transport leaders to the much-anticipated Peace Summit at Square Station.

The story’s setting refers to travelers without subway systems or electronic signals to guide their journeys. Travel involved embarking on either a ship or foot, contingent on the location and destination. The innovation of the first working railway system in 1825 was a significant turning point.

In this tale, we meet Hiawatha, a peacekeeper, on a mission to mediate and prevent a conflict between two clans: the Red Army and the White Army. His arrival is marked by the serene atmosphere of untouched forests and the fragrance of Earth and wildflowers.

The narrative unfolds at the Gathering of Nations, set at the mystical train station. Representatives from various tribes and nations assemble, each wearing their traditional attire. A grand train, the “Rail of Realms,” is prominently parked on the tracks. Passengers, filled with wonder and curiosity, board the train. A mission controller, a luminous energy being, enlightens them about time travel, emphasizing concepts like traveling at the speed of light, encountering superpowered beings, witnessing historical events, and returning to Earth with erased memories.

As the passengers absorb the mind-boggling lecture, they grapple with the complexities of the journey, pondering the impossibility of retaining their dreamlike adventures’ knowledge. While they yearn to bring back even a fraction of their newfound wisdom, the conductor clarifies that such knowledge cannot be preserved.

“Mystic Train to Peace” is a unique and captivating story that combines elements of mythology, time travel, unity, and the mysteries of the human experience. It explores the interplay between the physical and spiritual realms, ultimately leading to a Peace Summit where leaders from different factions strive to find common ground and forge a path to unity and harmony.

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