Educators acknowledge the Core Standards of CEC, InTASC, MCEE, and ISTE. Articles follow the APA style. The following articles are written to sustain an inclusive learning environment.

Survey of Special Education: Mild to Moderate disabilities

Reflection on Education Reform: Interview with General Education Teacher

Thinking on Education Reform: Interview with Special Education Teacher

Review on Education Reform: IEP process is explained to parents

Reflection on Education Reform: Early Intervention for Children with Dyslexia

Study on Education Reform: Universal Design for Learners

Review on Education Reform: Developmental Milestone

Thinking on Education Reform: The Myths and Facts of Inclusion in US Education

Reflection on Professional Teaching Standards: Code of Ethics

Reflection on Career in the Field of Special Education: Various Roles of Educators

Presentation on Technology in Education

Article on Philosophy of Education | Apple Book store link

Field Experience: Bangladesh Academy of Fine Arts (BAFA)

Statement of Intent

Developmental Milestone

Intervention Strategies

Universal Design for Learning

Explaining IEP process to Parents | Video | PDF | PPT

Field Experience: Interview with an NYC DOE School Psychologist in Special Education: Reflection

Field Experience: Interview with a NY State Certified Teacher in Special Education: Reflection

Disability Comparison Table: Disability Dictionary to be completed

Specially Designed Remote Instruction: Academic Version 1

Learn About the educator Mohammad Nasirullah, who wrote the above articles while studying at Grand Canyon University in 2020. Class notes are here SPD500 Notes. The incorporation of Music is optional for the project. See an example of the completed project.