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Authors note:
A reader will likely understand the text with at least an 8th-grade education (age 13-14), and it should be reasonably easy for most adults to read.

Summary: In the whimsical kingdom of Tickletown, the innocent and pint-sized Boss Baby King embarks on a visit to the peculiar Tickletown Manor, a haunted house inhabited by the mischievous ghost Gus. Instead of frights, the Boss Baby King and his guards find themselves caught up in a series of hilarious and ticklish pranks orchestrated by Gus. Laughter ensues, and the haunted house becomes a beloved attraction, spreading joy and mirth throughout the kingdom. “The Tickle Manor: A King’s Joyful Haunt” is a heartwarming tale of how innocence and laughter can prevail even in the spookiest places. … Continue readingTHE TICKLE MANOR