Schedule for X19 Class


Plan a lesson for a Day of Mindful Learning at District 75 | Rules |

1. Morning Breakfast in Cafeteria (8:00 AM – 8:51 AM)

   – Students start their day with a healthy breakfast to fuel their minds and bodies.

2. Get Ready to Learn Session ()

   – Head to the classroom for a 10-minute guided yoga session to promote focus and readiness for the day ahead.

3. Mood Meter Check (8:55 AM – 9:10 AM)

   – Use the mood meter to express and share feelings with classmates, fostering a supportive environment.

4. CNN 10 News (10:10 AM)

4.a. Pick today’s vocabulary word. Say nice thing about your classmate using kind words in notebook.

4.b. Read aloud to the class.

5. Lunch

   – Enjoy a balanced and healthy lunch to refuel for the afternoon.

   – Watch CNN news to stay informed about world events and discuss how current affairs may impact their mood.

5.1. Gym | Auditorium | Exercise

   – Engage in physical activity at the gym to boost energy levels and enhance overall well-being.

MATH |VIDEO| WORK | Fraction Multiplication | Eco-Cycle

7. Reflection and Forum Writing

Write about feelings in a forum. Students share their thoughts and respond to peers’ comments, promoting communication skills.

  1. I feel blissful because today is the last day of school.

  2. We should respect each other regardless of our differences. She earned their respect through hard work. He showed respect by…


    1. We should respect each other regardless of our differences. 2. She earned their respect through hard work. 3. He…

  4. The weather today is wonderful. We had a wonderful trip to the zoo. You are a wonderful person. My dog…

  5. She gave me a thoughtful gift for my birthday. I appreciate your thoughtful coments during the meeting. The teacher’s feedback…

8. Dismissal

   – End the day positively, reflecting on the various activities and fostering a sense of community.

This lesson plan incorporates physical activity, mindfulness, and social interaction, creating a holistic and engaging learning experience for students.

Movie Time

   – Wind down the day with a movie, providing a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere until dismissal.

BrainPop | Baamboozle | STARFALL | PBS | Music | NBC | DEEP AI |

Some children need frequent breaks from learning. When these breaks are predictable, children will be less likely to request a break and more likely to stay on task.
When reading a book, ask your child questions about the story, such as “what do you think will happen next?” or “what is the problem in the story?”
Children often feel supported when you stay close by while they are completing tasks. If your child is struggling, provide him or her with a clue to the answer, or provide half the answer and have him or her complete the rest.
Children feel proud of themselves when they work hard to meet a goal. You can create goals with your child by asking him or her what he/she wants to learn or improve at, and why. Read Howard Gardner's theory of nine multiple intelligences to understand child's proness.
Children benefit from being told what they are doing right or wrong in the moment. You can minimize how often your child practices a skill incorrectly by correcting him or her right away, rather than waiting until he or she has finished the task.
Show your child you have high expectations for his or her learning. You can do this by encouraging your child to try new things that may feel hard. Having ongoing conversations about your child’s goals throughout the week will show him or her that you see the goal as important.
You can build your child’s self-esteem if you praise or reward his or her effort even when a goal is not met.
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