Lalon: Harmony of the Heart

Title: “Harmony of the Heart”


  1. Lalon – The central character, a young boy from a poor family, orphaned at a young age.
  2. Shiraj Shai – Lalon’s kind-hearted teacher who takes him under his wing.
  3. Amir – Lalon’s friend and fellow student.
  4. Ashraf – Another friend of Lalon and Amir.
  5. Lalon’s Father – Appears in flashbacks, emphasizing the importance of education.
  6. Lalon’s Brothers – Appear in flashbacks.

The play is set in a rural village in British-ruled Bengal, focusing on Lalon’s journey to receive an education and its impact on his life.

Act 1: The Orphan’s Journey
Scene 1:

  • The play opens with Lalon, an eight-year-old boy in a struggling family.
  • Lalon’s family loses their land, and their business fails, leading to a food crisis.
  • The drought worsens, leading to the deaths of Lalon’s brothers, Kolom and Molom.
  • Lalon becomes an orphan, and his father’s last words to him are to go west in search of education.

Scene 2:

  • Lalon’s journey to the West and arrival at a village where he meets Amir and Ashraf.
  • The villagers, struggling to find employment, discuss the possibility of life-changing.
  • Lalon expresses his dream of an inclusive society where caste and religion do not matter.
  • Lalon recalls his father’s words about the importance of education for the poor.

Act 2: In the House of Hope
Scene 1:

  • Lalon wakes up in an unknown house and meets the family that has taken him in.
  • He starts working in their fields in exchange for food and shelter.
  • Lalon longs to go back to school to continue his education.

Scene 2:

  • Lalon’s adopted family introduces him to Shiraj Shai, a teacher who agrees to educate him.
  • Lalon starts attending Shiraj Shai’s school alongside Amir and Ashraf.
  • Shiraj Shai explains the impact of prejudices on education, notably how lower castes are seen as inferior by the privileged.
  • Lalon and his friends pledge to fight against prejudice through education and embrace diversity.

Act 3: Breaking the Curse
Scene 1:

  • The play concludes with Lalon and his friends, now educated, promoting tolerance and diversity in their village.
  • Lalon recites a poem about the importance of education in breaking curses and attaining freedom.
  • The villagers begin to understand the significance of education in combating prejudices.
  • The play ends with the villagers supporting education and a discrimination-free future.

“Harmony of the Heart” tells the story of Lalon’s inspiring journey to break free from poverty and discrimination through education. It underscores the power of knowledge and the importance of unity in creating a more inclusive society.

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