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People are not born with all the intelligence they will ever have. 

  1. My day was good because I watch daedpoop and king of the hill and thomas and south park.

  2. My day was good because I have a good weekend.

  3. I feel proud because I completed all of my work, and I am doing summer youth.

  4. I feel humble because today is monday June 26 2023.

Education for All 

Check readiness to move to the next grade. Remember, it’s okay to ask for help if you’re struggling. Reach out to your teacher, tutor, or classmates for support. With practice and perseverance, you can overcome any learning challenge.

Intelligence comes in many forms. Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences proposes that people are not born with all the intelligence they will ever have. Therefore, we provide special education programs to help students with different abilities reach their full potential. These programs vary depending on the student’s needs and provide individualized support and accommodations to help each student succeed.

Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence. People with this type of Intelligence are skilled in using spoken and written language. They enjoy reading, writing, and telling stories and often have a good memory of names, dates, and other information. They are also adept at using language to persuade and influence others. Remember, developing your verbal-linguistic Intelligence takes practice and dedication. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and keep learning from them. You can become a skilled communicator and persuasive speaker with time and effort.

I’m fascinated by people with visual-spatial intelligence. They can visualize objects in 3D space and mentally rotate them, which is helpful in fields like design and engineering. Everyone has unique strengths, and this type of intelligence allows for abstract visualization.

Issue of teacher prejudices affecting education.

Individuals with visual-spatial intelligence are particularly intriguing in their ability to envision objects within a three-dimensional space and manipulate them within their mind’s eye. This cognitive aptitude is particularly advantageous in fields such as design and engineering, as it fosters a capacity for creative thinking. It is noteworthy that every individual has their own unique set of strengths, with visual-spatial intelligence being a precious asset in specific professional contexts.

We are raising awareness about biases and stereotypes. 

Studies have found that school teachers telegraph prejudices, so much so that some researchers believe children of color and white children in the same classroom effectively receive different educations. Check readiness to move to the next grade. Remember, it’s okay to ask for help if you’re struggling. Reach out to your teacher, tutor, or classmates for support. With practice and perseverance, you can overcome any learning challenge.

How do we learn prejudice? 

We learn about prejudice through various factors, such as socialization, cultural norms, personal experiences, and media influence. It can be a difficult bias to overcome, but education and exposure to diverse perspectives can help individuals unlearn and challenge their discriminatory beliefs. Recognizing and addressing these biases is essential to create a more inclusive and equitable society.

I was explaining the formation of prejudices.

I find people with visual-spatial intelligence exciting. They can imagine objects in 3D space and rotate them in their mind. This is helpful in fields such as design and engineering. Everyone has their strengths, and this type of intelligence allows for creative thinking—access to a virtual gym class. Unfortunately, women students were kept segregated from participating in sports for a long time. Everyone needs to have access to physical activity and the benefits that come with it. Fortunately, we’ve made progress in breaking down those barriers and creating inclusive environments for all. Let’s continue to strive for equality and opportunities for everyone. Women students were kept segregated from participating in sports for a long time.

Prejudice is a negative attitude towards a group or its members. It can lead to discrimination, treating people unequally based on identity. Horichan Thakur, the father of Mothua philosophy, was denied admission to a community school due to existing prejudices against colored communities. With that in mind, a person may have all intelligence, but without Choitonyo (love for all), no person can be human. Without humans first, regardless of brightness, color, and race, none is closure to God’s intelligence – Humanities. We can learn biased from our family, religion, friends’ opinion, status quo, and school communities. We can unlearn our biases too. 

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Access to a virtual gym class

A prejudice, for example, white privilege.

Issue of teacher prejudices affecting education

I have come across to learn about the #USVSHATE (“US Versus HATE”), which is an educator and youth-led messaging project designed to counter bigotry in schools, create welcoming classrooms, and embrace inclusion and justice for all in diverse schools and society. We seek to unite school communities against hate, bias, and injustice. Every school community can help spread the message. All community members are part of “US.” The #USvsHate project is a nationwide anti-bias initiative to amplify student voices and push back against messages of bias, bigotry, and hate. Lessons on topics like racism, antisemitism, homophobia, transphobia, and more will find a wide variety of opportunities for students to understand tolerance. 

What specific actions does the #USvsHate project recommend for schools to counter bigotry?
…Looking into sources to provide information about findings on teacher prejudices.

Human grows emotionally based on prejudices. Prejudices are often accompanied by ignorance, fear, or hatred. Being different is not being less. Remember the old song, “Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight?” The prejudices make people think that only prejudiced people are precious, and they try to hurt people who think differently.” Everyone has equal access. All people are not similar. All have equal rights. Embrace diversity—respect for the dignity of humans. Being different is not less. Because these prejudices are outside of our awareness, they can indeed be denied.

#USvsHate project

Unconscious prejudices and stereotypes may also affect court jury deliberations and other daily tasks requiring judgments of human character. In the case of police, bias may affect split-second, life-or-death decisions. Shootings of black men incorrectly thought to be holding guns— George Floyd’s murder and many more racial hate crimes display stereotypes of immigrants in New York, police misconduct —brought this issue into the public debate. People who argue that prejudice is not a big problem today are, ironically, demonstrating the difficulty of unconscious prejudice. 

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Assess if an individual’s underlying prejudices lead to unfair treatment.

An investigation showed that white interviewers sat farther away from black applicants than from white applicants, made more speech errors, and ended the interviews 25% sooner. Such discrimination has diminished the performance of anyone treated that way, whether black, white, or brown. When I asked a bilingual high school student who is social and intelligent, his English reading skill falls to the Pre-K school students label. He demonstrated an understanding of climate change and its effect when he presented information orally by asking if all the turtles from the sea had been gone after ten years? Will it be good? He said No. It will not be good. He knows endangered turtles. Diversity is balance. Hate ruins the balance. We refuse explicit bigotry. Cruelty, bullying, and slurs are not OK in school. We explore and reject the deeper biases and injustices under the hate. 

LoFi is a musical genre. LoFi means ‘Low Fidelity,’ which indicates the repetitive patterns of the composition, and it implies low recording quality. One of the characteristics of LoFi’s sound is that it tells listeners when the sound note will be reproduced or copied. In the late ’80s and ’90s, the LoFi term was used to indicate the recording quality of a particular album. Since listeners can easily predict the repetitive pattern, the producers labeled it lousy quality! Plus, the recording includes natural room noise in the background. It is a good idea to sleep, study, or work with LoFi Sound, depending on the mode. Lydian mode: time to play@Evening), Phrygian mode: time to play @ Dawn/ Morning, and Aeolian mode: time to play @Late morning, respectively, creates an atmosphere of Blessings, Devotion, and Understanding /tolerance/sacrifice. 

Increasing awareness of biases and stereotypes.

Like prejudice – a stereotype is an exaggerated belief, image, or distorted truth about a person or group. We build Stereotypes based on ideas and images in mass media (mass media contributes to building stereotypes) or prejudices, maybe reputations passed on by parents, peers, and other members of society. Prejudices and stereotypes can be positive or negative.   

How do Prejudices and stereotypes reinforce our biases? 

Once learned, stereotypes and prejudices resist Change, even when evidence fails to support them or points to the contrary. 

Every school community can help spread the message. The #USvsHate project is a nationwide anti-bias initiative to amplify student voices and push back against messages of bias, bigotry, and hate.

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Lessons on social topics like racism, antisemitism, homophobia, transphobia, and more will find a wide variety of opportunities for students to understand tolerance. We hope you go beyond a single lesson to a short series of studies and then longer-term learning.

Respect different opinion

Throughout history, humans have demonstrated their intelligence by mastering the elements of fire, water, and air. In Bangla, there is a word called “Choitonno” which embodies the concept of humanity. It refers to the mental state where our brain and mind guide us to love and treat all individuals equally and with dignity, recognizing that humans are above all. Going against this principle, such as by showing disrespect, violates our shared humanity.

Remember, above all else, that our humanity is essential. We can connect with others, show empathy, and establish meaningful relationships that set us apart. While technology and progress can be helpful, but they should always enhance human interactions and not replace them. Let us never forget to prioritize our humanity above all else.

Back in April 2007, during my stay in New York, I made a fantastic discovery. My master’s degree from my home university was considered equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in the USA. After a thorough assessment of my credits by the World Education Service, it was determined that I had 121 credits, equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in the USA. With this newfound knowledge, I was able to land a substitute teaching job with the New York City public schools, which was an incredible opportunity that I seized with confidence.

Aug 2022 NY. I was fortunate to receive a beautiful drawing from my most esteemed scholar and beloved companion’s faithful pet elephant- Barney. It brought me immense pleasure to learn that this remarkable creature, who has already graced this world for two decades, is soon to graduate from a special education high school in the bustling metropolis of New York City. The drawing portrayed my future self, and I must confess that I was overcome with profound joy and contentment as I gazed upon it.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses closed their doors, including salons where customers usually go for haircuts. Justin was one of those who decided to forego salon visits and instead learned how to trim his hair at home. On the other hand, Mr. Nas purchased a hair trimmer from Amazon and gave it a shot. However, upon hearing the sound of the blade spinning, he became anxious, causing his hand to freeze. As a result, the trimmer remains unused, resting in a drawer on the accent table. Mr. Nas’s wife suggested removing unnecessary items, including the unused trimmer, to declutter their home. However, Mr. Nas needs to get a haircut today.


At 10 am, the temperature is 49 degrees Fahrenheit. Mr. Nas expressed his appreciation with applause and said “Good job.” He then asked Justin to call a friend and inquire about the time of sunset today. Justin responded with 7:10 pm, but he was expected to listen to the friend’s answer rather than answering the question himself. Justin was asked to call a friend, not to call out a progress report.In addition, it is important to address issues that cause instruction time to be lost. To satisfy higher needs, such as education and learning, it is necessary to first fulfill basic needs like hunger and thirst. Junk food cannot satisfy hunger. Mr. Nas recognizes the importance of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, which states that learners can only focus on learning new skills when their basic needs are met. Basic needs differ from person to person. For example, a healthy breakfast can prepare learners for learning.

Get learners ready to learn—lesson completion.

The morning meeting with Mr. Nas comes to an end. We started by checking our mood and physical health, and now it’s time to get an update on the world with a 10-minute CNN10 news. After that, we’ll head to the cafeteria for breakfast followed by gym class. ELA will be after the gym, then lunch, Math, and dismissal. Everyone seems to be feeling good today. Tomorrow marks the beginning of Ramadan. The class is dismissed with wishes for a happy Ramadan.

Mr. Nas went to the salon to get a haircut but found no employees there, even though the business was not closed and the lights were on. He decided to come back later. The next day, during his break between classes, he returned to the salon to find that it was open and the staff was busy. However, he couldn’t get a haircut because they only accepted cash, and he didn’t have any on him. He realized there might be a connection between the sketch that Justin had given him and his current hair situation. Justin had warned him that he would look like the portrait in the drawing if he didn’t trim his hair. The digital photo on the iPhone showed a lock resembling Mr. Nas’s hair, which Justin had colored in with his pencils. Mr. Nas saved it on his phone. Back to school, transfer notes to the Google doc. “As I walk through the hallway and lead students with different abilities following me to the upstairs gym for physical education, I can’t help but think of my father. He always admired my friends who spoke English fluently, as it was a foreign language to him. My students are native to the English language and have speech delays. He used to say that the segregation of the Shantal tribe from mainstream society was hindering progress. Although I didn’t fully grasp his words then, I now understand that literacy is encouraged in our city as it empowers individuals to make informed decisions. My father often spoke of his grandfather and their ancestors’ teacher, Horidas, who believed reading was the key to breaking curses. The Shantal tribe cannot break the curse without knowledge of letters and numbers, and literacy is the tool that provides the foundation for freedom.” Mr. Nas dropped the students in the gym with Mr. Coach and returned to the classroom to prepare materials for the ELA class.

Justin showed Mr. Nas a drawing he made of three girls from three different Animae cartoons. The illustration depicted the latest fashion trends in France from 1769, which the royal family previously wore. Romelle Marie-Marchand was born in Aug 2002, known as a cat girl. Julian Jean-Chevalier was born in 20 Nov 2002. His enemy is the Spies of Heroes, and his friend is the Positive Lovely Squad. Jeanne Marie-Badeaux is a former member of the Spies of Heroes. She is a French female troublemaker. Mr. Nas, do you believe in characters? I do because the events are happening somewhere in the world. The cartoon is an artistic way to explain global news.

A french Canadian family illustrated by Justin Chantamala

John Dewey, a renowned philosopher, believed that education is not merely a preparation for life, but it is life itself. It’s crucial to recognize that each student is unique, and what may work for one may not work for another. Thus, it is essential to provide every student with a high-quality education that caters to their individual needs. One effective approach is to incorporate storytelling into the learning process. Storytelling has been passed down through generations orally, and one famous tale is that of Shooshoo, the talking cat. There are numerous versions of this story, including one retold by Mr. Nas and rewritten by Abbi.

Shooshoo, a French Canadian folktale

Once upon a time, in a village located in Quebec, there lived a woman named Tonte Odette. She was cautious when it came to wasting resources. Tonte always kept a pot of boiling water on her stove with a few cabbage leaves. Whenever she ran out of soup, she would pour more water and add cabbage leaves to make a fresh batch. On Sundays, she would bake bread. If the bread got stale by Thursday, she would dip it in the soup. This way, she never had to throw anything away. Tonte Odette was a frugal woman who always saved her money. She had a cat named Shooshoo who would purr on the carpet whenever Tonte Odette knitted. Shooshoo would eat a few bread crumbs, and Tonte Odette loved this companionship.

While Tonte Odette was knitting, a stranger knocked on her door. She opened it to find an older man with a long beard, a feather in his hat, a red checkered shirt, and a sash. He introduced himself as Pierre La Blanc and asked if he could stay in her house since he could not hunt or work in a lumber camp due to his age. He offered to help around the house in exchange for shelter. However, Tonte Odette declined his request, stating she already had her cat Shooshoo to help her. Pierre suggested that she ask the cat for its opinion, which Tonte Odette found amusing since cats can’t speak. But to her surprise, Shooshoo began to talk.

“I can speak,” Shoosho revealed. “I’ve always had the ability, but I never needed to use it until now. Pierre seems like a reliable and diligent individual. It would be wise to grant him entry.” Tonte Odette pondered briefly before conceding, “This cat seems to have good judgment, and I should heed its advice.” Consequently, she welcomed Pierre in by opening the door.

When Pierre entered the room, he stared at the soup with a hungry expression. It looked like a battle between England and France was inside the pot. Shooshoo suggested, “Let him have some soup; he seems hungry.” But Tonte Odette objected, “What? No, I might not have enough soup left!” However, after hearing the talking cat’s advice, she relented and offered Pierre food. Shooshoo also requested, “Please give him a bed to sleep in,” Tonte Odette quickly showed him to his sleeping quarters.

Time passed, and Tonte Odette enjoyed the company of Pierre LaBlonc, who helped her with household chores and replenished the firewood. One day, a stranger arrived at her doorstep and inquired if Pierre LaBlonc was present. Excitedly, Tonte Odette confirmed that he was indeed there. The stranger asked if this Pierre LaBlonc had a mustache, a red sash, and a feather on his hat, to which Tonte Odette replied affirmatively. The stranger asked if Pierre could throw his voice, explaining that he possessed a unique skill as a voice artist in puppet shows, capable of making it seem like someone was speaking from various locations. Tonte Odette was taken aback by this and expressed her dislike for such “magic,” stating that she would never allow anyone with such abilities inside her home. Just then, Pierre returned from the forest and embraced the stranger, inviting him to go fishing in the summer.

Tonte Odette welcomed them inside to discuss something important. She expressed her dislike towards a man who claimed to have the ability to throw his voice, to which Shooshoo responded by dismissing it as a silly notion. Tonte Odette agreed and reminisced about her past, recalling how content she and Shooshoo were since Pierre’s arrival. She then turned to Pierre and expressed her desire for him to stay, offering to compensate him with coins periodically.

To err is human. To edit is divine.

Mr. Nas welcomes collaboration on developing this story with illustrations and videos.

1. Add more descriptive language to create a clearer picture of the characters and their surroundings. This will help readers better visualize the scene and engage with the story.

2. Provide more context about Tonte Odette’s background and why she was so cautious about wasting resources. This will help readers understand her character and motivations better.

3. Highlight the theme of trust and the importance of not judging people based on their appearance. This will add depth to the story and make it more meaningful for readers. 

Support equal access (Workshop)

We are hungry for a balanced society. To see a balanced institution, we must understand diversity and accept different cultures—respect different opinions in the community. We are embracing diversity in food culture to help lowering hypertension.

To make balance food, we need to understand diversity. As like as Embracing diversity in foods as well as in culture help lowering hypertension in the community. Today education needs to maintain a variety of nutrients in food and culture.

The people who did not understand the concept of diversity denied Jalal by saying, ‘he is crazy.’ The followers of Baul Jalal support that Jalal speaks the truth.

The Baul doctrine recognizes an individual’s desires as presented in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory. We cannot satisfy higher needs without meeting lower needs first, i.e., hunger. If the food lacks protein, we feel hungry. Similarly, Baul Jalal addressed the hungry mind by saying that we eat three times yet feel hungry. Protein satisfies hunger. Without protein, the need never gets satisfied. 

All have equal birth rights to be respected. The Baul expresses in the songs that segregating a tribe from schooling facilities results in walking backward. Taking away the birthright to education brings misfortunes to society. Segregation brings tension, anxiety, and stress to the community. 


The Songs of Hiawatha is a book of stories written in poetry format (epic) by a non-Native American author. So, how were these songs sung and performed years ago? If pieces are not recorded or orally performed; in the correct format, none will know their existence.

Hiawatha is a Native American legend, a hero known for uniting native tribes in upstate New York and making the first federal government of the USA – the Iroquois of New York. This is the ancient form of the current US national system in many sources.

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Photo of Mr. Nas
Mr. Nas (Pc. Taimoor)

Different is not less

LoFi Low Fidelity stands for recording quality and is recognized for its repetitive pattern. The repetitive way of LoFi Sound is why LoFi music has become a music genre. 

A short brief about mOHiKonTok

Native American call Ca-ho-ha-ta-te-a (to mention “the river”) in the native language. The Hudson River was known as Muh-he-kun-ne-tuk (“river that flows two ways”). The Mohican tribe lived beside the Muh-he-kun-ne-tuk (Hudson) River. The word ‘mohikontok’ has been spelled in various ways in many sources of information.

Songs of Hiawatha

Hiawatha is a Native American legend, a hero known for uniting native tribes in upstate New York and making the first federal government of the USA – the Iroquois of New York. This is the ancient form of the current US national system in many sources.

Developing stories of Indigenous America