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Learning a second language can significantly enhance your career prospects. Playing video games may seem like a leisure activity, but it can be beneficial for education. Music has been shown to improve memory and learning abilities, making it a valuable tool for students. Emotional intelligence is crucial in education and should be noticed. Virtual reality has numerous advantages for classroom learning and can greatly enhance the educational experience.

Is Music Actually Healthy For You? | Healthy Wellbeing.

December 26, 2006. Traveling to the USA is not a relaxing feeling. The position high above the sky makes the eardrum numb. I drank a lot of water. I look through the window. I saw the wings of the airplane dipping into the clouds. I saw super flash flashing lights in my eyes. My body is tilted to the left. I bit chewing gum in my mouth. It helps me to vent tension. People do not feel the same way. People leave home to reach higher goals. Mohan, my great-granddad, left the tribe to secure his future and his family’s future. He said to my grandmom that as long as their future kids belonged to the Shantal tribe, they would not be able to send kids to public school. It was too impossible for him to align with the prevailing prejudices in the tribe.

Respect different opinion

Assessment for readiness to move to the next grade. Support areas where learners need attention.

April 2007. Found that my native university master’s degree is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in the USA. World Education Service transferred 121 credits which are equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in the USA. It is great to get a substitute teaching job with New York City public schools.

Aug 2022. Lately, I have received a drawing from my favorite scholar and his pet staff elephant named Barnie. He is graduating this year from special ed high shool in NYC. He is 20. Mr. Nas, I have portrayed your photo (future). A curve smile appears on the corner of his face. You will look like this (picture 01) if you don’t cut your hair for a couple of months. I do not mean you not to have a haircut, Mr. Nas. But, as you are growing your hair, I can see where you are heading. Your hair may be way longer than today when I finish the portrait!

Many business locations closed during the pandemic of covid 19. Many people stop going to a salon to have their hair cut. Justin learns how to trim his hair at home. Mr. Nas ordered a hair trimmer from Amazon online. He dares to try it. It’s scary. When the sound of the rotating blade got into his ear, his hand froze. It is uselessly taking place in the accent table drawer. Mr. Nas’s wife advised him to remove unnecessary stuff to reduce the clutter at home. He must have the haircut today.

The class starts by checking today’s weather forecast by every hour. Justin walks up to the smart board and points out the current temperature in the Bronx. “ Mr. Nas , the temperature is 49 degree F at 10 am.” Mr. Nas said, “Good job,” followed by applause of appreciation. He asked Justin, Can you please call a friend and ask what time the Sun goes down today? Justin answers at 7:10 pm. He is not supposed to answer the question. He is expected to respond after listening. He was asked to call a friend, not to call out the answer. Mr. Nas repeat the question. Now he is to follow the explicit instruction. Ask a friend what time the Sun goes down today. Who do you want to call? Justin calls Earl. The class finished checking today’s temperature on the smart online board. He must have the haircut today.

Mr. Nas walks into the salon to trim his hair. He sees no employee. The business is not closed. There is no close sign. The door is locked. The lights are on inside. He decides to come back to the salon later. The salon is one block away from the school. Next day when he reached the salon in his between class breaks. He saw the salon was up and the staff was busy, yet he could not get the haircut because the salon accepts cash only. They don’t accept credit cards. There is an ATM machine 20 min away to access cash. He went back to school. He thought there might be a relationship between the painted life and real life. Mr. Nas looked closely at the picture that Justin gave him. I have noticed that you are growing your hair. If you let it grow without trimming, you will look like this portrait after months. He showed the sketch to Mr. Nas 3 months ago and said it was not complete yet. Justin needs to color his eyes and add some more details. In the future, you will look like this; Justin pointed his finger to the hair lock drawn on the picture.

As I walk down the hall and up the stairs, I recall memories of my dad. He used to say the segregation of the Shantal tribe from the standard state goal is making society walk backward. The city advocates for literacy that help people make informed decisions. People who can read, they can learn how to. My dad, his dad, and their dads’ native guru Horidas said that Reading is the power to break the curse. The Shantal cannot break the curse without education. Literacy is the tool to have the cornerstone of freedom.

Mr. Nas wraps up the morning meeting with the class. We have checked our mood. We have checked our physical. Now let’s check our world with CNN10 news. After this, we will go to breakfast in the cafeteria, then go to the gym. ELA is after the gym, then lunch, Math, and dismissal. Happy Ramadan. Tomorrow is the first day of Ramadan. He checks if the class shares their mood meter activity before going to the gym.

Support equal access (Workshop)

More than a universal design curriculum is needed when instruction time is being lost in front of issues. We can only satisfy higher needs once the lower market, like hunger or thirst fulfilled. For example, If we consume protein, we can satisfy hunger. Junk food cannot satisfy hunger. He recognizes an individual’s desires as the simile of protein, as presented by the American philosopher Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory. Learners focus on learning new skills only when basic needs are addressed. The basic needs differ from person to person. For example, A healthy breakfast gets learners ready to learn.

The progressive philosopher John Dewey said, “Education is not preparation for life, but Education is Life”. I see what may be appropriate for one learner may not be appropriate for the other. Every student deserves appropriate public education. So, I have to differentiate materials for each special student. Storytelling is a tool. Who starts telling a story orally, passing them down to generations, since when nobody knew. Shooshoo, the talking cat, has been retold so many times in uncountable versions. Below is the version of Mr. Nas (rewritten by Abbi). It is a French Canadian folktale.

Shooshoo, the talking cat

Long ago, in a village in Quebec, a woman named Tonte Odette was very cautious about wasting resources. She always kept a pot of boiling water with a few cabbage leaves on the stove, and whenever she ran out of soup, she would add more water and cabbage leaves. She would have baked bread on Sunday; if it were stale on Thursday, she would dip it in the soup. This way, she never had to throw anything away. She never used her money. Tonte Odette had a cat named Shooshoo. Shooshoo purred on the carpet whenever Tonte Odette knitted and always ate a few bread crumbs. She loved it this way and thought Shooshoo was a great companion.

One day, a stranger knocked on Tonte Odette’s door while she was knitting. When she opened the door, she saw a strange older man with a long beard, a feather in his hat, a red checkered shirt, and a sash. The stranger said, “My name is Pierre La Blanc, and I was hoping you could let me have some shelter in this house. I am too old to catch furs or even work in a lumber camp, and I can help around the house.” Tonte Odette responded with “No. I already have my cat to help me, and that’s good enough.” Pierre looked at Shooshoo and said, “That cat looks like a wise cat. Maybe you should ask it whether or not to let me in. All I want is shelter for my services.” “Hah,” Tonte Odette laughed. “Cats can’t talk!” But then, Shooshoo began to speak.

Shoosho said, “I can speak. I’ve been able to speak all this time, but I never had to because there was never a situation as bad as this. Pierre looks like a good, hardworking man. You should let him in.” Tonte Odette thought for a long time and said, “Well, this cat says you should come in, and I should listen to a talking cat.” With that, she opened the door to let Pierre in. 

Pierre came in and looked longingly at the soup. “Let him eat some soup,” Shooshoo said, “he looks hungry.” “What?! No, I might run out of soup!” Said Tonte Odette, “but if the talking cat says so, I will give you some food.” She gave Pierre some food, and Shooshoo said, “And give this man a place to sleep in.” Tonte Odette immediately showed him his bed.

Days passed, and Tonte Odette liked having his company. He cleaned the house and refilled the firewood. One day, a stranger knocked on Tonte Odette’s door. “Hello, do you have someone named Pierre LaBlonc here?” Tonte Odette told him excitedly that she did have someone named Pierre LaBlonc. The stranger replied, “Of course, there are many Pierre LaBloncs in this world. Does this Pierre have a mustache like mine?” Tonte Odette said yes. “And does he have a red sash and feather on his hat like mine?” Tonte Odette said yes again. “And can this Pierre LaBlonc throw his voice?” Tonte Odette looked at him with shock. She looked aghast. Tante Odette asked What do you mean? The stranger replied that many men could throw their voices as voice artists in the puppet show. Still, this Pierre LaBlonc has an artistic autistic skill, so when he speaks as if someone is speaking from the box, across the room, on the roof, or behind

the tree. Tonte Odette cried, “No, I don’t! I do not like magic and would never let someone in this house who has magic!” Just then, Pierre came back from the forest and saw the stranger. He ran to him and hugged him. “Pierre, where have you been all this winter? Let’s go fishing this summer.

Tonte Odette let them inside so they could talk. She said to Shooshoo, “I don’t like this man anymore. The stranger said he has the magic to throw his voice!” Shooshoo replied, “don’t believe such a silly thing. WHO can throw their voice?” Tonte Odette agreed and thought about her past life and how happy she and shooshoo had been since Pierre’s arrival. She asked Pierre, “Are you going to leave? I don’t want you to leave. If you stay, I’m going to pay you some coins every now and then.”

I need collaborator on this story who can illustrates and

1. Add more descriptive language to create a clearer picture of the characters and their surroundings. This will help readers better visualize the scene and engage with the story.

2. Provide more context about Tonte Odette’s background and why she was so cautious about wasting resources. This will help readers understand her character and motivations better.

3. Highlight the theme of trust and the importance of not judging people based on their appearance. This will add depth to the story and make it more meaningful for readers. 

Music project: The Baul Philosophy

The mOHiKonTok mission is to help artists manage their own audio content for licensing with the Apple iTunes store, plus more. All songs offered by the iTunes Store come without Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection. These DRM-free songs, called iTunes Plus, have no usage restrictions and feature high-quality, 256 kbps AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) encoding. For example, spoken words, podcasts, audio poems, songs, and relaxing music.

July 2019, Bangladesh


Mr. Nas went to Bangladesh in 2019. He was talking with Ahmed about the Baul genre which is not well recognized yet in todays academies. Ahmed is a student of Philosophy from Jahangirnagar University. When they were having tea at Suparitola, they saw the green colored campus bus arrived from Dhaka. Ahmed said, I will introduce you to one of our big brothers who is a Baul singer and song writer. That’s Sohan vai. Let’s meet him. Sohan usually wears long sleeve shirts with colored eye glasses. He thinks every artists should know not only what is copyright, but also how to copyright Bangla audio contents world wide. Ahmed greeted Sohan, vai kemon achen; and introduced Mr. Nas aka Nasir vai. They talk about royalties, music label, and copyright? Songs are copyrighted to its owner as soon as it is produced, but it is not enough. He went to Dhaka to attend a workshop on copyright materials. He wants to know how to make living by music production. He teaching guitar classes in the TSC music room for supporting his daly bills. He gets little support from home. He learned the meaning of ISRC (International Standard Recording Code- ISRC) that a 12-character, alphanumeric code. It is assigned to a piece of audio content for commercial release.

Mr. Nas learns, if artists want to act as own manager the production may compromise with the quality of the production while Artist. Besides Publishing song through Label is less expensive than paying attorney. Attorney don’t take responsibility to distribute the song. They charge for patent only. The songs need to be copyrighted and distributed by music publication company, a local government agency, or by an attorney. 

Once upon a time, when internet was not available, the legendary singer Abbas Uddin attempted to preserve Bangla folk songs with the help of Rangpur radio station. The board members did not approved it because of storage limitation. Songs were recorded in a plate or disc and tape. There storage resources were very limited. Abbas Uddin felt that we need to find an archiving system that would give the future generations to have access into Bangla folk songs online from anywhere.

Sohan went to the Dhaka city to attend a workshop on copyright creative contents. He wants to know how to copyright his songs world wide. He said, Nasir Vai there are so many Baul singers and songwriters whose songs are being performed, and is being streamed in different platform world wide but it is sad to see that the creators’ legacy not being established. Mr. Nas told him the story of his great grand dad, Yusuf Gayen. If Yusuf Gayen would copyrighted his Boithoki songs, Mr. Nas would be getting the grand steaming royalties! His songs, Boithoki gaan, are being performed still in many local folk festivals in the district of Jessore, but Mr. Nas does not know which one was Yusuf Gayen’s composition. So the mission is to copyright creative contents, or archived in accessible storage. Equal access is birth right of all.

Sohan asked, Nasir vai can you help me publishing my album of songs. I need help to finish my album. I already have two songs published from G series label. I have agreement with label that I will get streaming income from world wide, and then I will have contents steams from my own youtube channel. The steaming income is too little to live. Without performance artists in Bangladesh do not get living. Mr. Nas said, an artist can have one time performance revenue from a show, and show is uncertain due to pandemic, as you cover song in television or facebook media its too little support. Job as voice artist in media company looks like I am singing from a jail. I like to perform in live concert, but corona stops everything; and as a third world country in we have very poor condition in digital media. I do not have good storage where I can store my songs. Mr. Nas replied, if there is a wish there is a way. I will support your daily living, you will sing and record Baul songs, and songs of mOHiKonTok. I need to copyright my book of poems mOHiKonTok. So far I remember, I read in one document from US copyright office, the songwriter artist would get royalty for lifetime plus 70 years. Ahmed asks, what copyright means? Mr. Nas said, the song are copyrighted as soon as they are produced, but it is not enough for commercial purpose. The songs need to be copyrighted. There are agencies like music publication company, government agency, or attorney for creating copyright file. Publishing song through Label is less expensive than paying attorney fee. So they agreed to work on making music, and get copyright through label name mOHiKonTok.

The journey begins to Save the Baul music project. The aim is to restore Baul songs without ruining its acoustic appeal in composition. Sohan is mixing Bngla folk instruments like flute, tabla, khonjoni, harmonium, dhol along with six strings acoustic electric bass guitar. Years passed. Mr. Nas contact Apple, Spotify and other aggregators to get the songs publish, and learns how to comply with music store policy. During that time Covid 19 Pandemic hits the community. Schools were closed, and all were isolated. People were wearing masks, and waitng for vaccine. The groceries were out of toilet paper and food. The ages has find its curve to shape future music industry. People stop going in concert. Amazon music store have seen most listeners comparing to past any years. Isolation makes online steaming volume higher. Mr. Nas concentrated to learn more about music production at record label. Mr. Nas called Sohan to inform that he has found mOHiKonTok label to publish songs through Apple iTune. mOHiKonTok introduces Baul music as new genre through its label.

Sohan is a vocal artist and self trained audio engineer. He said to Mr. Nas that Bangla music label like G series will be more expensive to get our song being published. Mr. Nas contacts Apple, Spotify and other aggregators to get the songs publish, and educated about costs, and logistics supports to get a song or any audio content being approved in music stores. He said, all we need is studio quality recorded song. Sohan has set up a recording studio in Bangladesh. The studio is more than seven thousands miles away from New York city. We can still work together being in two different countries. Digital power has lessen the geographical gaps.

The good old friends hired a battery powered three wheeler van for an hour to move around the beautiful Jahangirnagar campus. The world is changing faster ever. Technology is doing magic. The van moves faster. The van is running by machine instead of paddle. High tech made the evolution faster than any other technology ever introduced in human history. Passion makes people do magic.

There was no enough space to archive the songs that Abbasuddin had collected. There were no options like iCloud or Amazon S3 storage options during his time. The authority rejected his idea as it is unrealistically expensive. It seems to Mr. Nas that mOHiKonTok got the opportunity to finish Abbasuddin’s unfinished job. The van stops at the Prantik gate. We stepped down from the three wheeler van to get Cha and Singara break time. Babu spoke, Vai let’s take this van to America as a model. This van is environment friendly. There is zero green house gas emission from this van. Sohan added, the van is a symbol of Bangla folk music platform, and it can carry 6-8 artists on a single ride. It is super inexpensive! We can present the cost effective solution to our creative listeners. Vai, isn’t there any problem with copyright issue, like copyrighted products are restricted to view?

Mr. Nas replied, mOHiKonTok is an artist’s dream to own contents to be copyrighted while making them available for public. For example, if the YouTube contents are copyrighted, contents views are not restricted to download or streaming. All songs offered by the iTunes Store come without Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection. These DRM-free songs, called iTunes Plus, have no usage restrictions and feature high-quality, 256 kbps AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) encoding.

Mr. Nas added, with copyright number you can claim streaming revenue of your songs or podcast through mOHiKonTok. You song is not only playing in YouTube, but also other unkown social media as background music. You would need copyright numbers (ISRC and UPC) regardless you want to use your audio content for commercial purpose. any un-copyrighted contents can be owned by anyone. It complexes legal issues, for example of sharing royalties. Babu, asked If I have studio quality finished audio content, like audio drama or theater (like podcast) will I be able to submit it in Apple iTune store and get copyright numbers, vai? Mr. Nas said, the songs need to be copyrighted through music publication company, government agency, or by attorney. Apple iTunes is a online music store.

Are you writing songs, but not copyright. You may think you should get patent of your song. The purpose of patent or copyright is that you can claim streaming revenue. You would need copyright numbers (ISRC and UPC) to publish songs in iTune or Spotify regardless you want to use your audio content for commercial purpose. 

My team collaborates with artists and musicians to producing songs at record label. If you have studio quality finished audio content, you are ready to submit it in Apple iTune store; Spotify, Amazon and in more digital store. The label mOHiKonTok helps artist and songwriters to publish songs in Apple iTune stores with proper guidance.

Meet the blog writer

The owner is searching for songs of Hiawatha. Hiawatha is a native American legend unheard of. He is found in stories title Songs of Hiawatha that is written in poetry format (epic) by a non-Native author. If songs are not recorded visually or orally performed; in the right format, none will know how it was performed. 

Hiawatha is a Native American legendary hero known to unite native tribes in upstate New York. It was the first federal government system found in the history of USA – the Iroquois of New York. Albany was the capital city of this ancient form of current US federal system as referred in many sources. By the way, an artist have one time performance revenue as s/he covers song in live concert, but is s/he getting revenue from internet steaming digital media. With copyright, the songwriter and artist would get royalty for lifetime. 

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The label mOHiKonTok is located at the country club by the Pelham bay park in the Bronx. The mission is to help songwriters to have copyright of own audio- video contents. The short goal is to showcase artists’ audio production in popular streaming system like Apple iTune store plus more by using cutting edge technology with proper guidance. If you are a song writer, singer or poet, wait, until you understand that your creative contents earns royalty income for stakeholders who makes it public. Mohikontok cares about artists right to fare share of legacy arts. You should get patent of your any kind of spoken words. With copyright number you can claim streaming revenue of your songs or podcast through label like mOHiKonTok. Thats why you would need copyright numbers (ISRC and UPC) regardless you want to use your audio content for commercial purpose. If you have studio quality finished audio content, you are welcome to submit it in Apple iTune store; Spotify, Amazon. Have your ISRC number in a safe place. Besides Publishing song through Label is less expensive than paying attorney for patent only. Attorney don’t take responsibility to distribute the song. The songs need to be copyrighted through music publication company, government agency, or by attorney.

The label mOHiKonTok is a product of Save the Baul music project. Mr. Nas collaborates with music composer and vocal artist to assist in producing song at record label. mOHiKonTok label helps artist and songwriter to get copyright of their own audio content.

The valuable philosophical lesson hidden in Bangla Baul music is not limited for any specific group of people. Lets tune into the teaching of unheard Bauls of the Bangla. All language speaking people should have access into the contents of Bangla Baul songs and music theory in their native languages. mOhiKonTok makes songs and stories accessible through label to all music platforms equally.  If they are not heard, it’s good has no effect.

mOHiKonTok is sharing the teaching of unheard Bauls. In the song ‘Onek diner pagol ami’ the poet Jalal refers to Joro Larka (Zoroaster) who is unheard to our known network. Lets’s get ready to learn.


For example, the songs of Hiawatha, found in native American legend, were unheard of. When I searched for Native American songs, I found a book of stories title Songs of Hiawatha that is written in poetry format (epic) by a non-Native American author. So, I do not know how these songs were sung, and performed years ago. If songs are not recorded, or orally performed; in the right format, none will know its existence.

Hiawatha is a Native American legend, a hero known to unite native tribes in upstate New York, and make first federal government of USA – the Iroquois of New York. This is the ancient form of current US federal system in many sources.

The Baul doctrine recognizes individual’s desires as presented in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory. We cannot satisfy higher need without satisfying lower needs first i.e. hunger. If the food lacks protein, we feel hunger. Similarly, the Baul Jalal addressed the hungry mind by example that we eat three times, yet we feel hungry because. Protein satisfies hunger. Without protein hunger never get satisfied. 

In order to make balance food we need to understand diversity. As like as Embracing diversity in foods as well as in culture help lowering hyper-tension in the community. Todays education needs maintaining diversity of nutrients both in food and in culture.

We are hungry for a balanced society. In order to see a balanced society, we need to understand diversity, and accept different cultures. Respect to different opinion in the community. Embracing diversity in foods culture help lowering hyper-tension.

All have equal birth rights to be respected. The Baul express in the songs that segregation of a tribe from schooling facilities results in walking backwards. Taking away birth right to education brings misfortunes for a society. Segregation brings tension, anxiety, and stress in the society. 

The people who did not understand the concept of diversity, denies Jalal by saying ‘he is crazy’. The followers of Jalal support that Jalal is speaking the truth.

Notice Board

Different is not less

Photo of Mr. Nas
Mr. Nas (Pc. Taimoor)

Songs of Hiawatha

Hiawatha is a Native American legend, a hero known to unite native tribes in upstate New York, and make first federal government of USA – the Iroquois of New York. This is the ancient form of current US federal system in many sources.

Developing stories of indigenous America

LoFi Low Fidelity stands for recording quality, and it is recognized for its repetitive pattern. The repetitive pattern of LoFi Sound is the reason that LoFi music becomes a music genre. 

What was happening in Indian music under Mogul empire..

Not all Baul Lyricists did poetic justice for the sake of both literature and life. This is why Baul songs are engaging listeners to unlearn bad prejudices, and promote learning to respect different views. 

mOHiKonTok is bringing forth the teaching of unheard Bauls. If they are not heard, it has no effect. The quest for love begins in the wood of the mind. But lovers lost memories of the past. So they keep searching for each other. True love accompanies this adventure with us..

A short brief about mOHiKonTok

Native American call Ca-ho-ha-ta-te-a (to mention “the river”) in the native language. The Hudson River was known as Muh-he-kun-ne-tuk (“river that flows two ways”). The Mohican tribe lived beside the Muh-he-kun-ne-tuk (Hudson) river. The word ‘mohikontok’ has been spelled in various ways in many sources of information.

Behind the Hudson River

Columbus came to America on October 12, 1492. The people projected that Columbus would never be able to find India since he did not follow the same route that Vasco de Gama took. Columbus took a different route than Vasco Da Gama’s map. Moreover, his friends thought Columbus wouldn’t be able to come back to his home country Spain after the voyage. The projection was partly true because Columbus was lucky to land in America. The other half of the truth is that Columbus did not find India for what he was after. Columbus was thinking that he was in India at the time when he arrived in South America by seeing the Native American’s ethnic form and color.

When Columbus landed on the coast of South America, he found Native Americans whom he thought the Indians. The fact was unrevealed to him throughout his lifespan that he had not reached India, and native Americans are not Indian.
The mainland of the USA was inhabited by indigenous ages before the settlers arrived. Among the indigenous, are the Algonquins, the Lenape (also known as the Delaware Indians), the Wappingers, and the Mahicans (the native Americans).

Who is Hudson?

The Dutch East India Company financed English navigator Henry Hudson in his search for the Northwest Passage. During the search, Hudson decided to sail his ship up to the river that would later be named after him. The navigator Henry Hudson arrived in New York in 1610.

When the river was born?

The river was created during the last Ice Age between 20,000 to 30,000 years BC in the Hudson Valley. The most recent ice age, the North American glaciation existed. After the retreat of the Wisconsin glaciation, the rising sea levels resulted in a marine incursion that drowned the coastal plain and brought salt water above the mouth of the flooded river. 

The lake “Tears of Cloud” is located on the second-highest peak in the Adirondack mountains. It created a moving river of ice during the last ice age. It has been a myth in science that the world has seen six massive extinction in recent Millenium years. The river runs along the borderline of New York, and New Jersey.

The Hudson River is about 315 miles long. It is 4,322 feet above sea level. The river is as deep as 200 feet in places. During the maximum point of the last ice age, glaciers covered about 32 percent of the total land of North America. The Hudson River is not a typical river. Hudson is actually a tidal estuary where salt water from the ocean combines with fresh water from the northern tributaries. Saltwater travels from the mouth of NY harbor to the Federal Dam in Troy, Albany, approximately 153 miles. Hudson Canyon is a rich fishing area.  It is a habitat for many sea animals.

What lives in the river?

You can catch Striped Bass, Weakfish, Porgy, Eels, and Summer founder from May to November. A Stripped Bass may weigh more than 40 pounds. The Hudson River is much cleaner than in the past. Humpback Whales have made a comeback in New York City.