What plants need

Lesson Plan: What Plants Need

Grade Level: Elementary (3rd – 5th grade)


  • Students will understand the basic needs of plants for growth.
  • Students will be able to identify and explain the critical elements required for plants to thrive.


  • Whiteboard and markers
  • Pictures or illustrations of various plants
  • Potted plant (natural or artificial)
  • Soil, sunlight, water, and air as props

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Introduction (10 minutes):

  1. Begin by showing pictures or illustrations of various plants and ask students what they know about plants.
  2. Explain that today, they will learn about the essential elements that plants need to grow and thrive.

Discussion and Explanation (15 minutes):

  1. Discuss the four main elements plants need: soil, sunlight, water, and air.
  2. Break down each element and explain its importance:
  • Soil: Mention that soil provides plants with support and nutrients. Plants anchor themselves in the ground and absorb essential minerals.
  • Sunlight: Explain that sunlight is vital for photosynthesis, a process where plants make their food.
  • Water: Describe how water is essential for transporting nutrients from the soil to different plant parts.
  • Air: Emphasize that plants need air (specifically carbon dioxide) for photosynthesis.

Activity (15 minutes):

  1. Show a potted plant and its components (soil, leaves, roots, etc.).
  2. Invite students to participate in a hands-on activity. Ask them to pour water into the soil to demonstrate how plants receive water.
  3. Discuss the importance of not overwatering or underwatering plants and maintaining the right balance.
  4. Discuss the significance of sunlight and air for plant growth.

Group Discussion (5 minutes):

  1. Divide students into small groups and ask them to brainstorm what could happen if a plant lacks these essential elements.
  2. Each group shares their thoughts with the class.

Conclusion (5 minutes):

  1. Summarize the importance of the four elements that plants need: soil, sunlight, water, and air.
  2. Ask students to reflect on the lesson and share one thing they’ve learned about what plants need.


  • During the group discussion, assess each group’s ability to identify the consequences of plants lacking essential elements.
  • You can also assess their participation in the hands-on activity.

Students can be given the task of observing a plant at home and creating a short report on how it gets soil, sunlight, water, and air, highlighting their importance to the plant’s growth.

37 thoughts on “What plants need

  1. Jose Guzman says:

    First plants need soil, Next plants meet space, Then plants need water, later plants need sunlight, Last plants need Air.

  2. Jahni Rattray says:

    a plants need water light soil air space and that it good bye

      1. Jahni Rattray says:

        I would like to plant sugarcane. Because I like sugarcane. And that it now good by

  3. Sandy Polanco says:

    Plants need water air sunlight and it need space plant has root soil and stem and leave

  4. Justin Kingston says:

    Plants need water & sunlight for it to grow & more
    healthier for it’s life to stay alive.

      1. Justin Kingston says:

        To grow plants without sunlight , we use the bright light bulbs for it to stay alive.

        1. admin says:

          I understand that you will use electric light bulbs as an alternate source of natural sunlight, right?

  5. Earl Anderson says:

    A plant needs water . A plant needs light.
    A plant needs soil . A plant needs Air.
    A plant needs Space To grow.

      1. Earl Anderson says:

        If I could grow a garden, I would like to grow cucumber, tomato
        and lettuce because I like salad.

  6. Alex says:

    Alex says plants need water, and soil and air and space.

  7. jeremy says:

    Plants needs water, air , space and soli and light.

  8. Leolaah IYAHEN says:

    plants needs wates,air,space and soli and light

  9. lion says:

    Planct neends water air space space soil and light.

  10. Christopher Fields says:

    Plants need air, soil, water space, and light.

  11. Luis GUZMAN says:

    plants need air, light, water, soil and space.

  12. Matthew Pizzini says:

    plant need air, light, water, soil and space.

  13. Sam says:

    What plants need is they need sun so they can grow. They need water so they can survive. They need air so they can breath and they need space so they can spread there roots and grow wild and become a big and healthy plant.


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