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AUTHOR’S NOTE: A reader with at least a 9th-grade education (age 15) will likely understand the text.
The chapter refers back to the Battle of Palasy occurred in an alternate realm in India in 1757. The “White Army” represents the tribes, indigenous groups, and their native Indian allies. Hiawatha is the analogy of Siraj King, leading the indigenous and allied forces against the invasion army of the British East India Company, often referred to as the “Red Army.”

Adodahu, in this context, is an analogy to Mir Jafar, the impostor minister who became corrupted by hunger for power. In this alternate realm, Jafar betrayed Siraj, leading to Siraj’s loss in the Battle of Palasy.

This narrative combines elements of historical events, mythical storytelling, and alternate realities to create a unique and engaging story. It’s important to provide readers with this clear explanation to help them understand the context and enjoy the story more fully. … Continue readingRAIL OF REALMS: CHIEF ADODAHU