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A Story of Light: Radical Generosity Giving Tuesday

They discuss this possibility with Jasiah, who is initially reluctant but eventually sees the potential impact she could have. They envision Jasiah and other volunteer dancers leading therapeutic dance classes for families on Tuesday evenings. These sessions would keep Jasiah engaged and provide a valuable service to the community, promoting physical health, emotional well-being, and social interaction.

Mom and Dad are hopeful. They plan to collaborate with the dance academy to realize this vision. They see it as a way to ensure that Jasiah and other children like her have a safe, nurturing place to spend their time, especially when traditional programs are unavailable. It’s also an opportunity to teach Jasiah about the importance of giving back to the community and using her dance skills to help others.
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Street Dance in Bronx parade

Why Giving Tuesday Dance class?

Problem: Conventional therapy has a limited scope. Occupational therapy often focuses on physical exercises in traditional school settings. This approach can be too narrow, failing to fully engage students or address their diverse needs. As a result, significant learning gaps can be addressed.

Solution: Therapeutic Family Dance Classes. Families can participate in Tuesday dance classes together, engaging in shared activities that promote physical health, emotional well-being, and social interaction. These sessions foster a supportive environment where families can connect and grow together. … Continue readingWhy Giving Tuesday Dance class?

Music production in NYC

The Love Tree

The album features culturally blended, meticulously crafted songs of love, cultural diversity, and humanity. The album’s standout tracks include Time Travel “যদি ফিরে চাই,” a vibrant nod to 80s pop and electronic genres, and Humanity First “সবার উপর মানুষ সত্য,” an alternative rock piece searching into themes of communal harmony. … Continue readingThe Love Tree