Father’s Day

In the village of Noorabad, Solomon, a curious and adventurous boy, wanted to surprise his awesome dad, David, on Father’s Day. David was a superhero farmer who grew the most delicious fruits and veggies in the land!

Solomon wanted a special picture with his dad to share with friends, but oh no! He couldn’t find a single photo of them together. He asked the friendly baker, the cool blacksmith, and even the wise village elder, but none of them had a picture.

Just when Solomon was about to give up, he met a wise old owl named Hakeem, who told him a secret: “Memories are like magic seeds that grow in our hearts!”

Solomon learned that he didn’t need a photo to remember his dad’s amazing adventures and the values he taught him. So, he gathered his friends and they created a fantastic Father’s Day celebration of memoir, sharing stories and laughter around a big campfire!

Solomon realized that his dad’s true superpower was the love and lessons he shared, and that’s what made him a true hero! May our creator takes care of him the way he took care of us during his life.

Rhythm of Change