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A series on Music theory, Classical Indian music re-production, and tutorial episodes on Ukulele.

Continue collecting rare folk songs and stories, and publish them in Apple iTunes.

Creative writing saves trees. 
A long time ago in New York, after the ww2 and before ww3, the earth’s diversity was affected by climate change. As a result, the weather got hotter in the winter season; and the summer was welcome by natural disasters like wildfires, floods, and earthquakes. There was a misuse of resources. Our carbon footprint produces greenhouse gases. One policy saved the human from storms of viruses that escaped Pandora’s box. 
 Scientists around the world have decided to take climate action. We must refrain from printing words on paper books to reduce paper use.
Digital book publications help to reduce the reuse and recycle policy and the littering problem in the city. 
Bring your message to digital publication and help protect the environment. Apple iTunes is a digital music publication store. Ask Mr. Nas how to publish an audiobook to the Apple iTunes store.

Mr. Nas searched for songs of Hiawatha for the record. Hiawatha is a Native American legend unheard of. He found a book of stories titled Songs of Hiawatha written in poetry format (epic) by a non-Native author. If we record songs correctly, we will know how indigenous people in the USA performed those songs. 

Hiawatha is a legendary Native American hero known for uniting native tribes in upstate New York and making the first federal government of the USA – the Iroquois of New York. In many sources, the Iroquois is the ancient form of the current US national system. 

আপনার গান/কবিতা/গল্প এর অডিও এপল আই টিউনস এ প্রকাশ; আর পরিবেশ সচেতনতার প্রকাশ একই/ 
আপনার গান/কবিতা/গল্প এর ভিডিও গ্রন্থ আকারে প্রকাশ আর পরিবেশ সচেতনতার প্রকাশ একই//