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Bafa Artists and parents

A Story of Light: Radical Generosity Giving Tuesday

They discuss this possibility with Jasiah, who is initially reluctant but eventually sees the potential impact she could have. They envision Jasiah and other volunteer dancers leading therapeutic dance classes for families on Tuesday evenings. These sessions would keep Jasiah engaged and provide a valuable service to the community, promoting physical health, emotional well-being, and social interaction.

Mom and Dad are hopeful. They plan to collaborate with the dance academy to realize this vision. They see it as a way to ensure that Jasiah and other children like her have a safe, nurturing place to spend their time, especially when traditional programs are unavailable. It’s also an opportunity to teach Jasiah about the importance of giving back to the community and using her dance skills to help others.
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Blossoming Earth

Regenerative Garden

The Tomorrow’s Garden Initiative aims to foster community engagement and awareness on climate change through regenerative gardening, storytelling, art-making, and community building. This project will utilize a unique approach to climate organizing by connecting personal stories and future visions with practical gardening practices to inspire long-term thinking and action. … Continue readingRegenerative Garden

S1E9 কপিরাইট কথোপকথন

ভালোবাসা গাছে, নানা রঙের ফুল [দৃশ্য ১: সেটিং] [লোক যন্ত্রে সজ্জিত একটি আরামদায়ক বসার ঘর, যেখানে এমিলি, একজন লোক শিল্পী, তার ম্যানেজার অ্যালেক্সের সাথে বসে আছেন।] অ্যালেক্স: (উৎসাহের সাথে) এমিলি,

D75 Branching Connections

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The text compares in readability to The New York Times. It is likely to be understood by a reader with at least a 10th-grade education (age 16).
This script is a creative representation. Always consult with professionals when developing interventions for students with special needs.

The relationship between a teacher and a student should be built on fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment, emphasizing commonality and avoiding discrimination or “ism,” such as racism, sexism, or any other biased behavior.

A teacher should strive to create an atmosphere where students feel valued, respected, and understood, irrespective of their backgrounds, identities, or differences. By recognizing and celebrating commonalities among students, educators can promote a sense of unity and shared purpose in the learning community.

It’s crucial to avoid any form of manipulation that could harm the learning environment. Instead, teachers should focus on cultivating a supportive and open atmosphere that encourages collaboration, empathy, and the appreciation of diversity. This approach helps students feel safe to express themselves, learn from one another, and contribute to a rich, dynamic educational experience. 

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Exploring Unity: Native American and Settler Relations in History

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The text is likely to be understood by a reader who has at least a 9th-grade education (age 15). Tribal Chief: (With determination) Unity is our strength, division our weakness. Let us pledge, here and now, to stand as one. We shall learn from each other, respect each other’s ways, and protect this land together. … Continue readingExploring Unity: Native American and Settler Relations in History

Insights from District 75

Barney and Barnes’ Educational Exploration

In this narrative, Barney and Barnes, our time-traveling observers, share their visit to District 75, where they’ve carefully observed various aspects of special education classrooms and the individuals involved. They pass on their insights for educational purposes, intended for the characters MohiKonTok, as they seek to expand their knowledge of diverse educational settings. … Continue readingBarney and Barnes’ Educational Exploration