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S1E5.2 Real Estate Scamer Tenant avoids rent

The story reminds us that landlords can face unexpected challenges, and a balance of firmness and compassion can lead to mutually beneficial resolutions, even in the face of deception and adversity. While rental scams are more commonly associated with fraudulent landlords deceiving tenants, there are situations where tenants can attempt to scam landlords to avoid paying rent. 

After gaining the victim’s trust, the scammer concocts a crisis, such as a family emergency, medical issue, or visa problems, and claims they need financial assistance. Some elderly scammers may feel lonely or isolated, and engaging in scams provides a sense of connection, albeit deceitful. Scamming can be a form of social interaction, albeit a harmful one.

Scammers, including the elderly, may be coerced or manipulated by criminal organizations or other individuals who use threats or deception to compel them to participate in scams.

In some instances, cognitive decline or dementia can impair judgment and lead to elderly individuals unknowingly participating in scams, as they may not fully comprehend the nature of their actions. It’s essential to recognize that while some elderly individuals may engage in scams, many are also vulnerable targets for scams. Family members, caregivers, and authorities should protect elderly individuals from falling victim to scams and support those at risk of engaging in fraudulent activities.

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