S1E3 Real Estate The Unexpected Homeowner

Scene 1: The Pizza Shop – Evening

[A pizza delivery guy, Jake, is ready to deliver an order. The pizza shop is buzzing with activity.]

Manager: Jake, we’ve got an extra order for delivery. It’s to the Johnson residence.

Jake: Sure thing, boss. I’ll take care of it. What are the order details?

Manager: It’s a large pepperoni and mushroom pizza with extra cheese and garlic knots. Double-check the order before you head out.

Jake: Got it. Anything special about this delivery?

Manager: The customer mentioned it’s for a birthday celebration. So, let’s make sure it’s hot and arrives on time.

Jake: No problem. I’ll prioritize this one. Any specific delivery instructions?

Manager: Just the usual, but they emphasized the need for contactless delivery due to ongoing renovations at their place.

Jake: Alright, I’ll ring the doorbell and step back. Anything else?

Manager: Just the standard protocol – be polite, wish them well, and remind them about our contactless delivery option in case they forget.

Jake: Absolutely. I’m on it. Should I grab some extra napkins or condiments?

Manager: Good thinking, Jake. Take a few extra napkins and packets of red pepper flakes. It’s the little things that make the difference.

Jake: Gotcha. I’ll make it quick and ensure they remember it’s a birthday delivery. Anything else before I head out?

Manager: Nope, that covers it. Drive safe, and let’s keep our customers happy.

Jake: Will do, boss. I’ll be back in an instant.

Jake: (to a colleague) Another delivery for the Smith residence. I’ve been there before.

Scene 2: The Delivery

[Jake arrives at the Smith residence, now owned by Kobe. Kobe was in the same job. Kobe shared that it’s the same house where he used to deliver pizzas in 2017.]

Jake: (astonished) This is the place!

Scene 3: Sale of the House

[Flashback to 2022 when the trust sold the house. Kobe, having saved up, decided to buy it.]

Scene 4: Back at the Pizza Shop

[Inside the pizza shop, another delivery guy, Alex, returns after a delivery. He picks up an order, and Jake and Alex chit-chat by the oven.]

Alex: Heard that Kobe owns that house now, Jake. How’d that happen?

Jake: Crazy story. He used to deliver pizzas there, and now it’s his. I remember those days at Domino’s Pizza. He decided to deplete his retirement savings into a downpayment to buy the house.

Alex: That’s a bold move.

Jake: It’s crazy, but it feels right.

Scene 5: The Order is Ready

[The oven beeps, indicating an order is ready. Jake takes the freshly baked pizza and a box of cookies for delivery.]

Scene 6: Delivery to Kobe’s House

[Jake delivers the order to Kobe, the new homeowner.]

Kobe: (smiling) I remember you from before.

[Kobe called Sophia over.]

Kobe: Sophia, guess who’s here? Jake from our old Domino’s days!

Sophia: (excited) Jake! Oh wow, it has been forever. What brings you here?

Jake: I brought a little something to celebrate: Happy birthday, Kobe, and congratulations on your new home.

[So[hia and Kobe share a surprised and grateful look as Jake hands over the pizza.]

Sophia: Thank you so much, Jake! This is incredibly thoughtful.

Jake: It’s the least I could do. Enjoy the pizza and the special day. And hey, we can catch up properly sometime soon. [Showing rushes to go back to delivery.]

Kobe: Absolutely, Jake. We’d love that. Thanks again for the surprise!

[Jake leaves with a smile, knowing he brought joy to his old friends.]

Scene 7: The Wish

[Back at the pizza shop, Jake returns with the tip.]

Alex: (curious) What did Kobe say?

Jake: He wished all food delivery guys to have their own houses someday. Pretty cool, huh?

[The scene ends with the aroma of freshly baked pizza and the shared wish for success among delivery guys.]

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