Diamond Library

(Mohi and KonTok sit in the school library, engrossed in discussing reducing paper use and digital platforms.)

Mohi: (Passionate) Kontok, the climate change crisis is upon us, and we must act swiftly in our school community. There are many issues to address, but climate change is fundamental. Our carbon footprint is contributing to severe consequences.

KonTok: (Determined) You’re right, Mohi. Our Earth’s diversity is being profoundly affected by these changes in climate. Drastic weather shifts, natural disasters, and resource misuse have become far too familiar.

Mohi: (Conscious) It’s time for our school to make a significant change. We must find ways to reduce paper consumption and promote environmental conservation. As it’s said, creative writing can save trees.

Creative writing saves trees. 

KonTok: (Intrigued) And how can we achieve that, Mohi? We need practical solutions for the school community to embrace.

Mohi: (Enthusiastic) Moving our creative writing publications to digital platforms is one way. By doing so, we can significantly reduce our paper usage and support the “reduce, reuse, and recycle” policy.

KonTok: (Supportive) That’s a beautiful initiative. Digital book publications help us reduce paper waste and address the city’s littering problem. We’ll be doing our part in protecting the environment.

Mohi: (Empowering) It’s a small but essential step towards combating climate change. We can bring this message to our fellow students and inspire them to participate.

KonTok: (Appreciative) Mohi, I admire your dedication to this cause. I think it’s time we bring this idea to our school administrators and encourage them to embrace digital platforms.

Mohi: (Hopeful) I believe they’ll see the importance of this initiative, especially in the face of climate change. Digital publication is the way forward for creative writing.

Narrator: Their commitment to the environment and the urgency of addressing climate change drives Mohi and KonTok to take action in their school community.

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Mohi: Dear esteemed colleagues and compassionate minds, As I look around and witness the wanton destruction of our magnificent trees, the sight of logs turned into countless sheets of paper that eventually litter our cities fills me with profound sadness. We must address this ecological tragedy and work toward a sustainable future.

Authors, poets, and creators, you have an incredible power to affect change. You can refuse to partake in this cycle of deforestation. It’s a choice that goes beyond the realms of literature; it’s a declaration to protect our Earth and reduce the wastage of precious paper.

In this digital age, we have the opportunity to embrace innovative alternatives. Rather than opting for traditional paper books, consider the creation of video books, the VOOKs. These multimedia platforms seamlessly blend visual, auditory, and readable content, revolutionizing how we experience literature.

By choosing not to publish the book in paper, you contribute significantly to your collective effort to mitigate paper waste. In this endeavor, you’re not alone. Many readers, scholars, and environmental enthusiasts appreciate the value of this shift.

Think about the impact you can have. Imagine sharing your stories, poems, and ideas through VOOKs and digital platforms, accessible to a global audience. Your words can make a meaningful difference while respecting the Earth’s limited resources.

Keep your poems, songs, stories, and dreams, not on paper (except brail) that harms our environment, but within electronic pages, emails, and video books. Our commitment to preserving the art of literature and our Earth’s beauty will shine through.

So, let us unite, stand in the face of climate change, and commit to reducing waste. Together, we can leave a legacy of wisdom and wonder, not a trail of discarded paper. Thank you for being a part of this critical mission.


Bangla Poetry


The digital book reduces littering in the city. Reduce wasting. Video books can reduce waste paper on the Earth. 

Audio CD is vook.

যে-কবি হরফে হরফ ঘষে আগুন জ্বালান এবং যে-কবি জনপদের হাজার বছরের ইতিহাস একটি চিত্রকল্পেই ঝলকে তুলেন এবং যে-কবি চিন্তাকে চিহ্নে ও চিহ্নকে ঘটনা হিসাবে নাজিল করেন এবং যে-কবি অসম্ভবকে টার্গেট করে ভাষা দিয়ে নতুন দুনিয়া বানান, সেই কবি কেবল আমার প্রিয় কবিই নন, তিনি আমার নেতাও।


Practice makes better

From a book to a VOOK.

LoFi is a musical genre. LoFi means ‘Low Fidelity,’ which indicates the repetitive patterns of the composition, and it implies low recording quality. One of the characteristics of LoFi’s sound is that it tells listeners when the sound note will be reproduced or copied.
The predictable nature of LoFi is the main reason which helps listeners to relax.