The Love Tree

Mystic Harmonies and Cultural Fusion in mOHiKOnTOk’s EP Music

For immediate release :
New York,  29 October 2023

mOHiKOnTok has launched a music album named (Tree of Love) with the support of three artists (Lumin Bangladesh, Musafir Mukta, and Sohan Jajabor) from Canada, America, and Bangladesh. This EP was released by (mOHiKOnTOk) and distributed by (Ditto Music Company). The song is available on Apple iTunes, Amazon Music, Pandora, YouTube Music, and Spotify.

The EP has (three) new songs composed and recorded between (2021-2023) in Bangladesh, America and Canada. The vocal artist of the album is Lumin Bangladesh, the main vocalist of the 80s famous band “Feedback.” The lyricist, Mohammad Nasirullah, who resides in New York, took the initiative to record the song at the studio of Triangle in New York. The final output was created by Sharif Siddiqui of Betal Audio Arts (USA).

The album features culturally blended, meticulously crafted songs of love, cultural diversity, and humanity. The album’s standout tracks include Time Travel “যদি ফিরে চাই,” a vibrant nod to 80s pop and electronic genres, and Humanity First “সবার উপর মানুষ সত্য,” an alternative rock piece searching into themes of communal harmony. Additionally, Love Tree “ভালোবাসা গাছ” combines Western Reggae, Blues, and Eastern Folk that symbolizes the unity of different cultures. mOHiKOnTOk’s music emphasizes the power of music to transcend boundaries and unite people worldwide, sending a strong message of putting humanity first.

Sohan Jajabor said, “As a young Bangladeshi music composer and artist, I have gained a good and new experience with these two songs. Music work is a virtual journey of 3 years. Little by little, the saga has become like a garland. I compose songs from Mymensingh in my home studio, and the works have been recorded by sharing them online many times. The song “Love Tree” is a fusion of Western Reggae, Blues, and Eastern Folk.” The vocal artist Lumin said the music encompasses pop, rock, and electronic dance genres. 

Stay tuned for the release of this remarkable album, where music becomes a bridge connecting hearts and cultures.



Jodi Fire Chai. Tune: Javed Hossain (New York), Composition: Sohan Jajabor.

Sobar Upor Manush Sotto. Tune: Musafir Mukta (New York), Composition: Rajib Hossain (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Valobasha Gach. Tune: Musafir Mukta and Sohan Jajabor (Mymensing, Bangladesh)

Release Date: 01.09. 2024

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