Hiawatha’s Garden Escape

Hiawatha’s Garden Escape


– Hiawatha

– Minihaha

– Minihaha’s Friends: Sara, Little Fox, Running Deer, and Laughing Brook

– Garden Owner

– Narrator


It is a beautiful garden with colorful flowers and a tall wall separating it from the long house balcony where Hiawatha stands.

[The garden is bathed in the soft glow of twilight. Hiawatha stands on the long house balcony, peering over the wall into the garden. The sound of laughter and chatter from Minihaha and her friends floats up.]

Narrator: (In a hushed tone) In the peaceful village of the Onondaga people, Hiawatha stood on the long house balcony, his eyes fixed on the garden below. Minihaha and her friends were busy picking colorful flowers.

[Minihaha and her friends move about the garden, picking flowers and placing them in baskets.]

Minihaha: (Giggling) These flowers are so beautiful! The Great Spirit will surely be pleased.

Sara: (Whispering) Shh, keep your voices down. We want the garden owner to avoid catching us!

[Hiawatha, from his vantage point, spots the garden owner approaching.]

Hiawatha: (Waving) Minihaha, Minihaha! You and your friends need to get out of the garden quickly!

Minihaha: (Confused) Hiawatha, what are you talking about? We’re just picking flowers for our offering at the temple of the Great Spirit.

Little Fox: (Doubtful) Yeah, Hiawatha, we’re not doing anything wrong.

[Hiawatha points to the garden owner, who is almost upon them.]

Hiawatha: (Urgently) Trust me, you need to leave now! I can see more from up here. The garden owner is on the way!

Running Deer: (Panicking) What? We can’t let him catch us!

Laughing Brook: (Nervous) Hurry, Minihaha!

[The children scramble to gather their baskets and run for it. They rush to the garden’s exit.]

Garden Owner: (Angrily) Hey, what are you doing here? This is private property!

[The kids barely make it out in time, each escaping through the garden’s exit just as the garden owner arrives.]

Minihaha: (Breathing heavily) Thank you, Hiawatha! You saved us!

Hiawatha: (Smiling) You’re welcome, Minihaha. I am always happy to keep my friends out of trouble!

[The kids make their way to the temple of the Great Spirit, each sharing a laugh and a sigh of relief at their daring escape.]

Narrator: (In a soothing tone) And so, the adventure continued for Hiawatha, Minihaha, and their friends as they made their way to the temple of the Great Spirit, the cave of the wind, with their flowers in hand, ready to offer their worship and gratitude.

[The scene fades as the group continues on their journey.]

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