Shattered Perceptions

Title: “Shattered Perceptions”


  • Officer Mark Thompson
  • Officer Sarah Miller
  • John Davis (African American)
  • Susan White (Caucasian)
  • Judge Williams

Setting: A courtroom

Scene 1: The Courtroom

(A courtroom with the Judge presiding. Officers Mark Thompson and Sarah Miller are on trial. The room is tense.)

Judge Williams: (Addressing the jury) Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, today, we gather to discuss a case that has raised questions about the role of bias in law enforcement. Officer Mark Thompson and Officer Sarah Miller are accused of bias-based decision-making that led to a tragic incident. Let us proceed with the trial.

Scene 2: The Police Stop

(Flashback to the day of the incident. Officers Mark Thompson and Sarah Miller are patrolling the streets. John Davis is walking on the sidewalk, and Susan White is on her phone, sitting in a car.)

Officer Thompson: (Whispering to Officer Miller) Look at that guy, John. He looks suspicious.

Officer Miller: (Whispering) Yeah, he’s just walking down the street.

(They approach John, who becomes anxious.)

Officer Thompson: (Speaking sternly) Sir, can we see some identification?

John Davis: (Nervous) I haven’t done anything wrong. Why do you need my ID?

Officer Miller: (Ignoring his question) Show us your ID.

(John hands over his ID, and the officers check it.)

Officer Thompson: (Smirking) Well, look who we have here, John Davis.

(They let John go.)

Scene 3: The Confrontation

(Back in the courtroom, John Davis and Susan White take the stand.)

John Davis: Your Honor, I was walking home when the officers stopped me for no reason. They made me feel like a criminal. It was scary.

Susan White: I was sitting in my car and witnessed the incident. It was clear to me that John was targeted because of his race. The officers never asked me any questions.

Scene 4: The Verdict

(The jury deliberates and reaches a verdict.)

Judge Williams: (Reading the verdict) We, the jury, find Officers Mark Thompson and Sarah Miller guilty of bias-based profiling and harassment.

Scene 5: The Aftermath

(Officers Thompson and Miller are sentenced, and the courtroom is empty.)

Judge Williams: (Addressing the audience) Tragic incidents like George Floyd’s murder and racial hate crimes demonstrate how stereotypes can have devastating consequences. Bias-based decisions by law enforcement must be addressed, and the pursuit of justice should be equal for all.

(Curtains close.)

Note: This play script, titled “Shattered Perceptions,” addresses the severe issue of bias in law enforcement and how it can lead to tragic consequences. The story highlights the importance of recognizing and addressing discrimination within the criminal justice system and the need for equal treatment under the law.

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