Love Tree, E2

Title: “October’s Shadows” – Episode 2

Genre: Halloween Thriller

Setting: California


  1. Detective Ramirez – A seasoned detective.
  2. Ronald O’Bryan – The Texas man involved in the Halloween poisoning.
  3. Helen Pfeil – The woman who distributed unusual items on Halloween.
  4. News Reporter – A local news reporter.
  5. Narrator – Voice-over narrator.

Episode 2 – “Haunted Past”

[Scene 1: Police Station]

Detective Ramirez looks at a case file, deep in thought.

Detective Ramirez: (muttering) The unsolved Tylenol murders… a chilling case that scarred Halloween traditions.

[Scene 2: 1974 Halloween Poisoning]

Flashback to the Halloween poisoning in 1974, Texas. Ronald O’Bryan is distributing cyanide-laced pixie sticks.

Narrator (voice-over): October 31, 1974 – a night that would haunt the nation. Ronald O’Bryan distributed poisoned candy to children, including his son.

[Scene 3: Halloween Poisoning]

In the aftermath, O’Bryan’s son, Timothy, succumbs to the poison.

[Scene 4: Public Awareness]

Detective Ramirez flips through news clippings showing increased vigilance surrounding Halloween candy.

News Reporter (on TV): (reporting) The Halloween poisoning incident in 1974 led to heightened caution among parents and authorities. The candy-inspecting tradition was born.

[Scene 5: 1964 Halloween Prank]

Shift to a scene in 1964, New York. Helen Pfeil is distributing unusual items to kids.

Narrator (voice-over): Halloween, 1964 – an unusual incident in New York. Helen Pfeil gave out ant poison and dog biscuits.

[Scene 6: Police Interview]

Detective Ramirez interviews Helen Pfeil.

Detective Ramirez: (questioning) A joke, you say? Distributing those items on Halloween?

[Scene 7: Safety Measures]

News Reporter (on TV): (reporting) Law enforcement took swift action. Authorities and residents were concerned about the children’s safety. No one found it humorous.

[Scene 8: Conclusion]

Narrator (voice-over): A biased system and lack of education can undermine our future. High-profile criminals could exploit Halloween traditions for sinister purposes, endangering children.

[Closing Scene]

Detective Ramirez closes the case file, determined to ensure a safer Halloween for all.

To be continued…

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