Love Tree E1

Title: “October’s Shadows”

Setting: California


  1. Mister Nas – A musician and songwriter.
  2. Javed Hossain – Mister Nas’s musician friend.
  3. Detective Ramirez – A seasoned detective investigating the Halloween night incident.
  4. Boy – The 12-year-old victim of the Halloween night shooting.
  5. Castillo – Boy’s friend and fellow trick-or-treater.
  6. Liquor Shop Owner – A concerned shop owner.
  7. Passerby – A good Samaritan who helps the boy’s mother.
  8. Girl – The 7-year-old who collapsed while trick-or-treating.

Episode – “October’s Shadows”

[Scene 1: Mister Nas’s Studio]

Mister Nas (addressing the audience): Inspiration comes in many forms, often from the stories we hear. Let me tell you about a Halloween tale that influenced my music.

[Mister Nas reminisces, takes a guitar, and starts playing a haunting tune.]

Mister Nas: It all began with my dear friend, Javed Hossain, who lives in New York. He told me a story, one that haunted my thoughts.

[Scene 2: Flashback – Halloween Night]

Boy and Castillo are excitedly walking down a California neighborhood, dressed in Halloween costumes.

Boy: (enthusiastic) Castillo, this is my first Halloween in the United States. I can’t wait to collect candies!

Castillo: (grinning) It will be unique, my friend.

[Scene 3: Halloween Tragedy]

As they walk, Boy and Castillo encounter a group of five menacing figures.

Boy: (nervous) Castillo, those people… they look suspicious.

Without warning, one of the attackers tries to steal Boy’s mask and candy. In the chaos that follows, a gunshot rings out, and Castillo is shot in the leg.

Boy: (terrified) They just shot you!

A passerby on a bicycle witnesses the scene, helps Boy’s mother retrieve the mask, and returns it.

[Scene 4: Aftermath]

Detective Ramirez arrives at the scene to investigate.

Detective Ramirez: (to Boy) We will find those responsible.

[Scene 5: Liquor Shop]

Liquor Shop Owner talks about not allowing kids inside the shop on Halloween.

Liquor Shop Owner: (cautious) Halloween can bring problems. I have someone outside giving candy.

[Scene 6: Tragic Incident]

Meanwhile, a 7-year-old girl collapses while trick-or-treating and tragically passes away.

Narrator (voice-over): Halloween is a night filled with joy and excitement, but lurking within the shadows, there can be a different story, one of fear and paranoia.

[Scene 7: Flashback – Cold War Era]

Narrator (voice-over): This fear and paranoia associated with Halloween can be traced back to the Cold War era, during a deep rivalry.

[Episode ends]

To be continued…

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