Love Tree – Episode 1

Title: “Jodi Fire Chai” – Episode 1

Genre: Music Documentary Series


  1. LuminBangladesh – The artist and musician.
  2. Musafir Mukta – Another artist is collaborating with Lumin.
  3. Sohan Jajabor – Involved in remixing the tracks.
  4. Sharif Siddiqui – Responsible for mastering the album.
  5. Mister Nas – The lyricist and creative inspiration.
  6. mOHiKOnTOk – The producer and organizer.

Episode 2 – “Harmony in Collaboration”

[Scene 1: Studio in New York]

Lumin and Musafir Mukta are seen in the same studio, sharing ideas and music.

Narrator (voice-over): The harmony of collaboration fills the studio as Lumin and Musafir Mukta come together to create musical magic.

[Scene 2: mOHiKOnTOk’s Role]

mOHiKOnTOk is orchestrating the recording session coordinating the efforts of both artists.

Narrator (voice-over): mOHiKOnTOk, the producer, takes the lead, bringing artists together for this musical journey.

[Scene 3: Remixing Process]

Sohan Jajabor is shown working on remixing the tracks fine-tuning the music.

Narrator (voice-over): The step-by-step approach involves remixing and refining the tracks before the final master.

[Scene 4: Cutting-Edge Technology]

Betal Audio Arts studio showcases the cutting-edge technology used for the final mastering.

Narrator (voice-over): High-quality sound and production values are achieved through advanced technology.

[Scene 5: Expressing Gratitude]

mOHiKOnTOk expresses gratitude to Sharif Siddiqui for mastering the final copy of the album.

Narrator (voice-over): Collaboration and the role of professionals in the music industry are crucial.

[Scene 6: Weaving a Narrative]

Sharif Siddiqui comments on the album, highlighting the narrative that complements the melody.

Narrator (voice-over): The album tells a cohesive and meaningful story, adding depth and emotion to the music.

[Scene 7: Mister Nas’ Insight]

Mister Nas shares his inspiration, revealing that fear played a significant role in the creative process.

Narrator (voice-over): Fear, a powerful emotion, forms the creative backbone of the album’s lyrics.

[Closing Scene]

The episode ends with a teaser of the music created through this intricate and collaborative process, leaving viewers eager for more.

To be continued…

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