Wedding Tale of Hope and Unity

Two days before the full moon, the air was filled with the sweet scent of blooming flowers, signaling the arrival of a blissful occasion. It was the auspicious night of Shab e Barat, and a wedding was taking place, enveloping the atmosphere in a joyful aura.

As the ceremony unfolded, the groom’s mother immersed herself in the recitation of Surah Anam from the Quran, seeking blessings for the newlyweds. Meanwhile, amidst the festivities, five brothers-in-law found a rare moment of freedom and decided to spend it together, adding to the joy of the occasion.

However, their plans took an unexpected turn when they realized they needed items from Walmart for the celebration. Rushing to the store, their excitement turned into panic when they discovered that cups and foil paper were missing from the food serving menu.

Amid their dilemma, one of the brothers received a call from his wife, demanding his immediate presence for a photo shoot. Panicked, he paid for the items and dashed out of the store, joining his brothers in the parking lot.

As they sat in the car, catching their breath, they began dreaming about the newlyweds’ future, imagining the sacrifices and joys ahead for the bride and groom.

Among the guests was a church father, who spoke up, expressing his thoughts on marriages and the sanctity of the occasion. He quoted a verse from the Quran, emphasizing the importance of marriage to maintain purity and sanctity in society.

The night continued with the wedding photo shoot, capturing the joyful moments of the family. Cousins from different parts of America and Canada came together, adding to the spirit of unity and celebration.

The wedding reception was in full swing, with guests laughing and dancing to the music. The bride, radiant in her red gown, stood at the room exit door, surrounded by her closest friends and family.

“Okay, ladies, gather around!” the bride called out with a smile, holding the bouquet. A group of excited unmarried women quickly formed a semi-circle around her, anticipation written on their faces.

With a playful wink, the bride turned her back to the group, clutching the bouquet tightly. One was saying no. The guests cheered as she counted, “Three… two… one!” With a graceful motion, she tossed the bouquet over her shoulder, sending it soaring through the air.

The women eagerly reached out, their eyes locked on the bouquet as it descended. Amidst a flurry of hands, one lucky lady managed to catch it. It’s her, the girl in green, eliciting cheers and applause from the crowd.

The bride turned around, beaming with joy as she congratulated the lucky catcher. It was a moment of fun and tradition, marking the start of a new chapter for the next bride-to-be, the girl in green.

Author’s note: A reader will likely understand the text with at least a 10th-grade education (age 16), and it should be easy for most adults to read.

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