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The label mOHiKonTok is at the country club by Pelham bay park in the Bronx. The mission is to help songwriters to have a copyright of their audio-video content. The short goal is to showcase artists’ audio production in popular streaming systems like the Apple iTunes store plus more by using cutting-edge technology with proper guidance. If you are a songwriter, singer, or poet, wait until you understand that your creative content earns royalty income for stakeholders who make it public. Mohikontok cares about artists’ right to fare share of legacy arts. It would be best if you got a patent for any spoken word. You can claim streaming revenue for your songs or podcast with a copyright number through a label like mOHiKonTok. That’s why you would need copyright numbers (ISRC and UPC) regardless you want to use your audio content for commercial purposes. If you have studio-quality finished audio content, you can submit it to the Apple iTunes store, Spotify, or Amazon Music. Have your ISRC number in a safe place. Besides, Publishing a song through Label is less expensive than paying an attorney for a patent. The attorney doesn’t take responsibility for distributing the song. The pieces need to be copyrighted through a music publication company, a government agency, or by an attorney.

What was happening in Indian music under the Mogul empire?

Not all Baul Lyricists did poetic justice for the sake of both literature and life. Baul’s songs encourage listeners to unlearn destructive prejudices and promote learning to respect different views.

mOHiKonTok is bringing forth the teaching of unheard Bauls. If they are not heard, it has no effect. The quest for love begins in the wood of the mind. But lovers lost memories of the past. So they keep searching for each other. True love accompanies this adventure with us.

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Mr. Nas (Pc. Taimoor)

Different is not less

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