Martin and Guitar

The Martin Guitar Company, often called C.F. Martin & Company, was founded by Christian Frederick Martin in 1833. The company has been family-owned for six generations. The current CEO and Chairman of the Board is C.F. Martin IV, continuing the legacy of his ancestors.

C.F. Martin & Company is renowned for producing high-quality acoustic guitars and is recognized for their craftsmanship, tonal quality, and innovation in guitar design. The company’s history spans nearly two centuries, with a rich heritage in creating acoustic instruments.

Don’t confuse the Artist Martin in the video and the Founder of Martin Guitar Company.

Michael Martin Murphey is a country music singer-songwriter known for hits like “Wildfire” and “Carolina in the Pines.” Born on March 14, 1945, in Texas, he’s recognized for his contributions to the country and pop genres, often incorporating cowboy, western, and country folk themes into his music. Murphy’s career spans several decades, and he’s celebrated for his storytelling abilities and distinctive musical style.

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