Lydian Mode: Raga Yaman

Among the modes, Lydian (Kolyan) is to be played in the evening according to the North Indian Classical music ritual. Melodies are called Raga or Ragini. Today’s subject is Raga of Kolyan. It is the Lofi sound in Lydian mode. All notes are natural except the 4th note. The 4th note’s position on any major scale should be one-half step up (sharp) towards the 5th note. For example, If I tune a Major scale on the key of E, in Ukulele, the 4th note would be A#. How to play Rag Yaman in Guitar? I have tried to play Rag Yman on C major scale with an emphasis on F# note. All other notes are natural (shuddho). It may be played using the Key F# minor scale; but to me, it does not sound as good as in the CMaj scale. It’s easy to remember it as Rag CMajF# . The local name of the F# note is Kori /Tibro Maa as known in Indian classic music. 

F# is the most repeated note among phrases of beats (8/16/32), meter, and rhyme. That Ashavori is the father of Rag Ashavori. Raga Ashavori has siblings. It is a very interesting fact that the child Ashavori takes the name of the father Ashavori. That Ashavori: Raga Ashavori. Hope to write more details about this melody soon. An interesting fact: The marriage of Ashavori and Kolyan creates a Mishro Rag (Mixo Lydian). Which could be played in any Major Or Minor scale. 

The songs in Lydian mode are to play in the evening between 6 pm to 9 pm or 10 pm. The best time to play a song in Lydian Mode is the evening. It creates blessings. If songs played in Lydian mode during the day or late at night, It is will reproduce an atmosphere of the evening. It creates a feeling of blessings between the hours of day and night. Everything is showered with blessings. It assures motherly blessings. Blessed like the children when the mother is closure.