Omicron haircut

17 thoughts on “Omicron haircut

  1. V11. says:

    I will go to salon for haircut despite Omicron variant spread in pandemic with face mask and completely vaccinated because I don’t want to end up in the hospital for a long time.

  2. V11 says:

    Yes I would go to salon but, I wait until not too crowded in salon.

  3. V11 says:

    Yes I will go to salon and despite Covid pandemic because I don’t want to spread it but, I will wear face mask to cover my nose and mouth, get vaccinated and social distance In between other people.

  4. V11 says:

    No I will not go to salon. I can do my haircut at home.
    But not going outside for salon a haircut.

  5. V11 says:

    No I don’t really get haircuts, for one is the pandemic happening for everyone so yeah, other reason is I don’t want to risk being sick and be in the hospital.

  6. V11 says:

    Yes I will get a haircut because I want to look nice. I will wear a mask.

  7. V11 says:

    No. I’m not interested. I don’t want to get myself sick, or others

    1. Jasiah says:

      You are aware and don’t want to get sick and others sick so I aprecdiate that

  8. V01 says:

    I don’t want to go some places because I don’t want to get sick from other people.


  9. v01 says:

    i like to go to hair salon with my mask. to be safe and not get sick

  10. Vo1 says:

    I wouldn’t go to the hair salon because is for woman not for men.

  11. V07 says:

    I am not going to salon, I prefer to stay home for my safety.
    – J

  12. Jasiah Noor says:

    No I wouldn’t because of Covid and we are not even 6 feet apart even though I have the vaccine I put safety first.


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