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Proofreading may seem mundane, but for me, it’s a joy. It allows me to use my meticulous nature to help others. Editing, in particular, is a realm where I find my calling. I have a knack for spotting grammar and spelling errors, but it’s not just about catching mistakes. It’s about enhancing clarity, ensuring the message reaches its intended audience, and making it shine. Editing is the unsung writing hero, and I’m ready to don the cape. … Continue readingAuthor

Mohikontok is the algonquin name before it becomes Hudson River.

অনুবাদ ধারা

একই নদীতে দুইটি ভিন্ন জলধারা। মহিকণ্টক অর্থ এই নদীর দুই ধারা- একই সময়ে; দুই দিকে প্রবাহিত।  নিউইয়র্ক শহরের হাডসন নদী দুই দিকে প্রবাহিত নদী। এলগোনকুইন ভাষায় মহিকণ্টক অর্থ দুই দিকে প্রবাহিত নদী। নাবিক হেনরি হাডসন যখন আমেরিকায় আসে ১৬০৯ সালে তখন ও এই নদীর নাম মহিকণ্টক ছিল। … Continue readingঅনুবাদ ধারা

Bafa Artists and parents

A Story of Light: Radical Generosity Giving Tuesday

They discuss this possibility with Jasiah, who is initially reluctant but eventually sees the potential impact she could have. They envision Jasiah and other volunteer dancers leading therapeutic dance classes for families on Tuesday evenings. These sessions would keep Jasiah engaged and provide a valuable service to the community, promoting physical health, emotional well-being, and social interaction.

Mom and Dad are hopeful. They plan to collaborate with the dance academy to realize this vision. They see it as a way to ensure that Jasiah and other children like her have a safe, nurturing place to spend their time, especially when traditional programs are unavailable. It’s also an opportunity to teach Jasiah about the importance of giving back to the community and using her dance skills to help others.
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Street Dance in Bronx parade

Why Giving Tuesday Dance class?

Problem: Conventional therapy has a limited scope. Occupational therapy often focuses on physical exercises in traditional school settings. This approach can be too narrow, failing to fully engage students or address their diverse needs. As a result, significant learning gaps can be addressed.

Solution: Therapeutic Family Dance Classes. Families can participate in Tuesday dance classes together, engaging in shared activities that promote physical health, emotional well-being, and social interaction. These sessions foster a supportive environment where families can connect and grow together. … Continue readingWhy Giving Tuesday Dance class?


Giving Tuesday-Music

We propose creating a compelling video song to raise awareness about climate change. This project aims to engage the public through the powerful medium of music, conveying the urgent message of climate action in a way that resonates emotionally and intellectually. Our goal is to inspire listeners to understand climate change’s significance and take action in their own lives. … Continue readingGiving Tuesday-Music

Blossoming Earth

Regenerative Garden

The Tomorrow’s Garden Initiative aims to foster community engagement and awareness on climate change through regenerative gardening, storytelling, art-making, and community building. This project will utilize a unique approach to climate organizing by connecting personal stories and future visions with practical gardening practices to inspire long-term thinking and action. … Continue readingRegenerative Garden


Vincent Van Gogh

The story begins a year after Van Gogh’s death. Arles postman Joseph, a close friend of Van Gogh, told his son Armond to deliver Van Gogh’s last letter to his brother Theodore. In 1891, six months after Vincent’s death, Armand found Theodore. The problem is that when Theo reads the letter, he also dies. Joseph closed Sindhuk (locker), considering the mysterious letter. After so long, the door of the ark opened to the researcher. Handing the letter to me, Joseph recalls the last days of his dear friend Van Gogh.
ভ্যান গগ এর মৃত্যুর এক বছর পর এই কাহিনীর শুরু। আর্লস শহরের পোস্টম্যান জোসেফ, ভ্যান গগের ঘনিষ্ঠ বন্ধু, তার ছেলে আর্মন্ডকে বলেছিলেন ভ্যানগগের শেষ চিঠিটা তার ভাই থিওডোরের কাছে পৌঁছাতে। ভিনসেন্ট মারা যাবার ছয় মাস পর ১৮৯১ সালে থিও যখন চিঠিটা পড়ে তখন সেও মারা যায়। চিঠি টাকে অপয়া ভেবে জোসেফ সিন্দুকে বন্ধ করে। এতদিন পরে সিন্দুকের দরজা খোলে। গবেষক এর হাতে চিঠিটা দিয়ে জোসেফ তার প্রিয় বন্ধু ভ্যান গগের শেষ দিনগুলির কথা স্মরণ করে। চিঠিতে কি লেখা ছিল? … Continue readingVincent Van Gogh


Bauls of Bangla

Bengal’s folk traditions, exemplified by the music of the Bauls and the Dotara, are integral to the rich tapestry of Bangla Indian music history. They represent the foundational sounds and philosophies that shaped the grand musical traditions of the Mughal court, including the legendary contributions of Tansen. Recognizing and preserving these folk roots is essential for understanding and appreciating the profound legacy of the great Indian and Bangla classical music. … Continue readingBauls of Bangla