Emma and the Tutor

Tutor: Emma, I can see you’ve been engrossed in the story you’re reading. How do you feel about the characters and what’s happening in the plot?

Emma: I find it interesting, but some parts confuse me.

Tutor: It’s okay to feel that way. Stories can sometimes be puzzling. What confuses you explicitly? Let’s talk about it, and I’ll do my best to help you understand.

Emma: I don’t understand why the main character did that. It doesn’t make sense to me.

Tutor: That’s a great observation, Emma. Sometimes, characters in stories do things that surprise us, and it’s natural to question their choices. It shows you’re thinking about the story. What do you think could be the reasons behind the character’s actions?

Emma: I’m not sure. Maybe there’s something in their past that influenced them.

Tutor: That’s a thoughtful perspective, Emma. Considering a character’s background and experiences is an excellent way to understand their behavior. You’re showing great empathy towards the characters.

(Compare with a Parent’s Role)

Parent: Emma, what will happen next in the story?

Emma: I don’t know, Dad. I’m just reading it.

Parent: Well, try to predict. It’s essential to think ahead while reading.

(Compare with a Professional Therapist’s Role)

Therapist: Emma, I see you’re feeling puzzled by the story. It’s okay to feel that way; I’m here to help you explore your thoughts and emotions about it. What part of the story is causing you confusion or discomfort?

Emma: I don’t understand why the character is behaving like that.

Therapist: Understandably, you’re feeling confused. Let’s delve deeper into the character’s motivations and see if we can understand them together. Your thoughts and feelings are valid, and I’m here to support you in understanding the story better.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: In this scenario, the tutor and therapist demonstrate the power of empathy and encouragement in nurturing a safe space for Emma to express her thoughts and emotions. Through their patient and understanding approach, they help her confront her confusion, fostering an environment where she can overcome challenges and grow as a learner. This journey serves as a reminder that even the most bewildering obstacles can be conquered with the proper support and a compassionate approach.

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