District 75 A Change of Heart

Title: “A Change of Heart”

Setting: A cozy living room with warm, inviting lighting. Toys and sensory objects are scattered around the room. A framed painting of a serene landscape adorns the wall.


  • Lucas: A 9-year-old autistic boy with a curious mind and a penchant for stacking blocks.
  • Maria: Lucas’s mother, a loving and empathetic parent who is determined to help her son.
  • Dr. Andrews: A compassionate child psychologist who has been working with Lucas and his family.


The scene opens with Lucas quietly stacking colorful blocks on the carpet. His brows are slightly furrowed, and he’s humming a gentle tune.

Maria (to Dr. Andrews): Doctor, I’ve noticed that Lucas has struggled lately. He often looks upset, and it’s breaking my heart. He’s such a creative and clever child.

Dr. Andrews: I understand, Maria. It’s not uncommon for autistic children to have a more challenging time dealing with negativity. Their minds work uniquely, and simple statements can significantly impact them.

Maria sighs, watching Lucas continue to stack blocks, his concentration wavering.

Maria: It’s just disheartening, you know? It’s like the world doesn’t see how amazing he is.

Dr. Andrews: You’re right. That’s why it’s crucial for us, as parents and caregivers, to create a positive and empathetic environment for children like Lucas. Let’s try something.

Maria and Dr. Andrews sit down on the carpet, joining Lucas. They observe his block-stacking.

Dr. Andrews (to Lucas): Hey there, Lucas. That’s an impressive tower you’re building. I see your hard work.

Lucas glances at Dr. Andrews, his furrowed brow softening.

Maria (to Lucas): You’re doing a fantastic job, sweetheart. We’re here to help you and learn from you. What do you think about that?

Lucas doesn’t reply, but he continues to stack blocks with a hint of a smile.

Dr. Andrews: Lucas, I hear you humming. That’s a beautiful tune you’ve got there. You’re sharing your melody with us.

Lucas looks at Dr. Andrews, eyes lighting up a bit.

Maria (to Dr. Andrews): This is incredible. I’ve never seen him respond this way.

Dr. Andrews: Empathy, Maria, it’s the key. We need to replace negative messages with positive ones, showing Lucas that we’re here to listen and understand. It’s about embracing his creativity.

As the scene ends, Lucas continues stacking blocks, now more relaxed and content. Maria and Dr. Andrews exchange glances, sharing the satisfaction of helping Lucas find his way to positivity and connection.

Narrator: In autism, empathy and open-mindedness can be the bridge to a brighter future. It’s the small changes, like replacing negative messages with positive ones, that can make monumental differences in a child’s life.

The Full song, Love Tree, will soon be published in Apple iTunes.


District 75 Changes Heart

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