Bonolota Sen by Jibonanondo Das

Thousands of years-  I’ve been roaming across the sea of Singhal towards the dark deep sea of Maloy.
I’ve traveled a lot.
I lived in the gray city of King Ashok. ماكينة القمار
I lived in the dark city of Bidarva.
I am getting more tired and more thirsty,
I am now surrounded by the foam of life though,
Only she fills my senses with love.

Let her hair grow darker, more and more, and darker than starless night upon the sky
Above the city of Bidisha,
Let her face be illuminated as the finest art of Shrabosti.

I have been wandering like a lost old navy- I’ve been sitting tired with broken oars in the deep sea far away from the mainland,
I have found her there as if she were a cinnamon island with green grasses.
I talked to her in the deep dark night when she asked,  “where have you been All those years? اسماء كونكر اونلاين ” Raising her lovely nest like eyes – O Bonolota Sen!

When the evening appears slowly, and
The dew drops in silence,
All sounds of the day disappear.
The sun wipes light away from the wings of all golden seabirds,
All colors fade away- then
The storytelling moment comes
under the light of fireflies,
All birds return to their nest,
All rivers meet in the bay,
Only I stay- with you.
Face to face in the deep dark night. 22bet

Poet: Jibonanada Das (1899-1954)
Translator: Mohammad Nasirullah
October 10, 2017, NY