S1E8 Wake-Up Call

[Scene opens in a high school classroom. JASON, a student, is slumped over his desk, fast asleep. MS. PARKER, the teacher, paces, glancing at the door.]

MS. PARKER: (whispering to herself) Not now, not today.

[She cautiously approaches Jason, gently shaking his shoulder.]

Ms. Parker: Jason, wake up. You can’t sleep in class.

[JASON stirs, rubbing his eyes and sitting up abruptly.]

JASON: (groggy) What’s your problem?

MS. PARKER: (whispering) Jason, I understand, but you can’t sleep during lessons.

[JASON scoffs, his tone turning disrespectful.]

JASON: Why do you care? It’s not like I’m learning anything anyway.

MS. PARKER: (sighs, concerned) Jason, please. You know how important this is.

[JASON rolls his eyes and leans back, crossing his arms defiantly.]

JASON: Whatever. I’ll do what I want.

[MS. PARKER hesitates, torn between concern and the fear of the principal catching Jason sleeping.]

MS. PARKER: (firmly) Jason, I won’t ask again. Pay attention.

[Before she can say more, footsteps are heard approaching outside the classroom. MS. PARKER’s anxiety heightens.]

MS. PARKER: (whispering urgently) Jason, try to stay awake.

[JASON shrugs, looking away dismissively. The door swings open, revealing PRINCIPAL ANDERSON standing in the doorway, observing the classroom.]

PRINCIPAL ANDERSON: (raising an eyebrow) Is everything all right here, Ms. Parker?

MS. PARKER: (quickly) Yes, Principal Anderson. Everything’s fine. I was engaging in a discussion.

[PRINCIPAL ANDERSON nods, lingering at Jason before leaving.]

[JASON glances back at MS. PARKER, a mix of guilt and defiance in his eyes.]

JASON: (softly) Sorry.

MS. PARKER: (with concern) Jason, what’s going on? You’re not yourself today.

[JASON hesitates, contemplating whether to open up.]

JASON: It’s these meds. They mess with me sometimes. It makes me different.

[MS. PARKER nods understandingly, reaching out a hand in support.]

MS. PARKER: I understand. Let’s figure this out together.

[As they talk, the bell rings, signaling the end of the class. MS. PARKER gives Jason a reassuring smile as he gathers his things.]

Ms. Parker: We’ll talk more tomorrow, Jason. Take care of yourself.

[JASON nods, grateful, and exits the classroom. MS. PARKER watches him leave, concern etched on her face.]

[The Scene fades out as MS. PARKER sighs, contemplating how to help Jason through his struggles.]

Author’s note: A reader will likely understand the text with at least an 8th-grade education (age 13-14), and it should be easy for most adults to read.


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