S1E8.2 Lessons in Traffic

[The scene opens with Mr. Nas, a teacher, stepping out of the school building, carrying his bag, and looking relieved that the day is over. He walks purposefully towards the nearest train station, his footsteps echoing on the pavement.]

MR. NAS: (muttering to himself) Finally, it’s time to roll.

[He reaches the train station, spotting his friend, DAVID, waiting near a blue car parked there.]

MR. NAS: (smiling) Hey, David! What a day.

DAVID: (nodding) Tell me about it. Hop in, let’s get going. 

[They get into the car, chatting and catching up as they drive from the station. Soon, they find themselves stuck in heavy traffic, cars bumper to bumper.]

MR. NAS: (frustrated) Ugh, this traffic is unbearable. We’ll be stuck here for ages.

DAVID: (looking around) I know a shortcut. Follow me!

[David maneuvers the car, trying to cut through the traffic by driving onto the footpath.]

MR. NAS: (hesitant) David, this is not a good idea.

[As they attempt to bypass the traffic, a police patrol car appears behind them, signaling them to pull over.]

MR. NAS: (worried) Oh no, we’re in trouble.

[The police officer approaches the car, looking stern.]

POLICE OFFICER: do you realize you’ve disobeyed traffic rules by driving on the footpath?

DAVID: (apologetic) Officer, we were trying to avoid the traffic.

POLICE OFFICER: That doesn’t justify breaking the rules. I’ll need to issue you a ticket for this violation.

[Mr. Nas and David exchanged remorseful looks as the Officer wrote the ticket.]

MR. NAS: (sighing) Faster doesn’t always mean better. Lesson learned.

[The police officer hands them the ticket, warning them to follow traffic rules. David nods in understanding as they watch the patrol car drive away.]

DAVID: (reflective) You’re right, Mr. Nas. Sometimes, taking shortcuts can lead to trouble.

MR. NAS: (nodding) We’ll have to be patient and follow the rules, even if it means a longer wait.

[David starts the car, merging back into the traffic flow, abiding by the rules this time.]

MR. NAS: (smiling faintly) Let’s take it slow and steady. We’ll get there eventually.

[The car moves along with the traffic, and the scene fades out, leaving behind the lesson learned amid the rush and the importance of patience on the road.]

Author’s note: A reader will likely understand the text with at least a 7th-grade education (age 12), and it should be easy for most adults to read.

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