Flowers of Bangladesh

Lesson Plan: Teaching Flowers of Bangladesh Through Songs

Grade Level: Elementary and Middle School

Objective: Students will learn about different flowers of Bangladesh and their cultural significance through songs. They will also practice singing skills and learn about the cultural heritage of Bangladesh.

Duration: 45 minutes

Materials Needed:

  • Printed lyrics of the song(s)
  • Audio recording or musical accompaniment for the song(s)
  • Pictures of flowers of Bangladesh (e.g., water lily, night-blooming jasmine, lotus, rose, marigold)
  • Whiteboard and markers

Lesson Outline:

  1. Introduction (5 minutes):
    • Begin with a brief introduction to the lesson, explaining that students will learn about flowers of Bangladesh through songs.
    • Provide context about the significance of flowers in Bangladeshi culture.
  2. Visual Aids (5 minutes):
    • Show pictures of different flowers of Bangladesh (e.g., water lily, night-blooming jasmine, lotus, rose, marigold).
    • Discuss each flower’s importance in the culture and traditions of Bangladesh.
  3. Teach the Song(s) (15 minutes):
    • Introduce the song(s) that mention flowers of Bangladesh.
    • Provide printed lyrics to the students.
    • Play the song(s) using an audio recording or sing along with a musical accompaniment.
    • Go through each verse slowly, explaining the meanings and highlighting the mentions of different flowers.
  4. Practice Singing (10 minutes):
    • Divide the students into smaller groups to practice singing the song(s).
    • Encourage them to focus on pronunciation and expression.
    • Provide guidance and support as needed.
  5. Group Performance (5 minutes):
    • Have the students come together as a group to perform the song(s) they practiced.
    • Offer praise and encouragement for their efforts.
  6. Discussion and Reflection (5 minutes):
    • Ask students to share their thoughts on the song(s) and the flowers they learned about.
    • Discuss the cultural significance of these flowers and how they are used in Bangladeshi traditions and celebrations.
    • Encourage students to reflect on their experience and express what they enjoyed most.


  • End the lesson by thanking the students for their participation.
  • Please encourage them to explore Bangladeshi culture and heritage through music, art, and traditions.

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