EP2 Eco-Cycle Competition

Lesson Plan: Recycling and Reusing Plastic Bottles to create hydroponic garden

Subject Area: Math and Science

Grade Level: Middle School

Duration: 1 week


Students will understand the importance of recycling and reusing plastic bottles to combat climate change. They will practice counting and multiplication skills by calculating the amount of money they can raise from collecting plastic bottles.

Materials Needed: Plastic bottles, calculator, paper and pencil.

Day 1: Introduction to RecyclingStart with a discussion on climate change and the importance of recycling. Show videos or pictures of recycling processes. Explain the project: Students will collect plastic bottles for a week and calculate how much money they can raise from recycling them.

Day 2: Counting and Sorting: Distribute plastic bottles to each student or group. Have students count and sort the bottles by size or color. Discuss different types of plastics and watch videos of reusing plastic bottle craft idea.

Day 3: Multiplication Practice Review multiplication with factors of 5. Have students calculate the total number of bottles collected if each student collects a certain amount daily.

Day 4: Field Trip—Recycling Center: Take students to a nearby recycling center to see the recycling process firsthand. Have them observe how plastic bottles are sorted and processed.

Day 5: Calculating the TotalHave students count the total number of bottles collected for the week. Using multiplication, calculate how much money they can raise if each bottle is worth a certain amount (e.g., $0.05).

Day 6: Reusing Plastic Bottles. Discuss the concept of reusing plastic bottles. Show examples of hydroponic gardens made from recycled bottles. Have students design their mini hydroponic garden using recycled bottles.

Day 7: Presentation and Reflection. Students present their hydroponic garden designs crafted by plastic bottle to the class. Reflect on the project and discuss the impact of recycling and reusing plastic bottles on the environment.

Assessment: Participation in discussions and activities of counting and multiplicationCreativity in designing the hydroponic garden

Extensions: Have students research other ways to reuse plastic bottles at home or in the community. Conduct a school-wide recycling campaign or competition.

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