Harmony in Diversity

Title: Harmony in Diversity


The lyricist (L) and the vocal artist (V) sit in a cozy corner, discussing the theme of their upcoming song, “Humanity First.” The room is filled with the warm glow of vintage recording equipment.

You see, in our culture, the Bauls have always been travelers, wanderers seeking the essence of humanity. “Musafir” and “Jajabor” both mean traveler, embodying our nomadic spirit. Bauls preach that humanity transcends all divides—religion, color, and gender. It’s a message we need to share.

I completely resonate with that. Music has this incredible power to unite, to cut through differences. It’s like that historic moment when Ravi Shankar and George Harrison collaborated, blending Eastern and Western music. Their harmonious fusion showcased the beauty of cultural diversity.

The scene transitions to a vintage clip of Ravi Shankar and George Harrison performing together, highlighting the fusion of Indian classical and Western music.

Exactly! Just like their music, our song should blend diverse elements. Let’s infuse the verses with poetic justice, portraying how society mirrors the traits of animals, yet within humans, there exists the capacity for animality, too. It’s a powerful metaphor.

I love that idea. We can depict the complexity of humanity, how we’re both the enlightened and the savage. And the arrangement should be raw and authentic, like the Baul genre. Let’s use mixed acoustic sounds to capture that essence.

The scene shifts to a montage of various instruments being set up in the recording studio, showcasing the diverse range of acoustic instruments.

Let’s emphasize the core message: Humanity First. We’ll echo the Baul philosophy of embracing every soul, regardless of their beliefs. Remember the story of the Baul guru who embraced a disciple from a different religion? That acceptance is what we want to convey.

Absolutely. We’ll channel the spirit of the Bauls and create a song that celebrates our shared humanity. Through our music, we’ll break barriers and inspire understanding.

They share a determined look, their creative energies aligned, ready to bring the timeless message of unity and humanity to life through their song.


Valobasha Gus means Love Tree.

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