What is Krumping​ ? Originating from America, krumping is a style of street dance which is expressed through free, exaggerated and expressive movements. Krumping involves four primary moves: jab, arm swings, chest pops, and the stomp.

What is Jab?​ 
Step 1) Take whatever arm you comfortable with and make it into a fist, keeping it very strong.​
​Step 2) imagine there is a square in front of you, with your fist, punch each of the corners of the square quickly bringing it back when you extend your arm.​
Step 3) take your other arm and repeat the previous steps.​

The arm swing​
​ Step 1) Make sure you have a lot of energy because arm swings will drain you out very quickly.​
Step 2) Extend your arm and imagine that you are grabbing something up high.​
​Step 3) Now throw that hand down very hard as if whatever you had in your hand you want to break it on the ground.​
Step 4) Experiment throwing that imaginary object in certain directions, you may even want to use two hands to pick up the object.​

You have mastered the arm swing!!!​

The chest pop​
Step 1) Breath in and using your diaphragm you and to make your chest expand outwards.​
Step 2) When you breath out, with a sharp movement, concave your chest, this will create a popping like an effect.​
Step 3) To maximise the effect of the move, only create that popping effect when hitting a beat.​

The Stomp​
Step 1) while in your stance, swing your knee so that your foot it in the air.​
Step 2) With a controlled but hard motion, swing your foot down to the ground, trying to dig your heel to the ground.​

You have mastered the stomp!!!​
​The last step is to mix all those moves together and practice makes perfect so don’t be discouraged if you don’t look right at first. Have fun krumping!!!!​


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