In the following video, extracted from the Chondalika dance-drama, you see a thirsty monk requesting to fetch water for him from a Chondal girl pulling a water bucket from the ground source.

The peasant girl refuses to give water to the Brahmin monk because the monk is from a different tribe. The girl fears a curse that if Chondal touches the water pot, it becomes polluted for a Brahmin to drink. The girl belongs to the Chondal (Shudro tribe). The monk belongs to the Brahmin tribe, a higher class member in the Indian caste system.

Rabindranath Tagore wrote the dance drama Chandalika. Anup Kumar Das, Bangladesh Academy of Fine Arts Inc, choreographed the dance drama. The event was sponsored by Bangladesh High Commission/Embassy in New York and hosted by Baruch College. It was the 2nd show of Chandalika.

The monk, Ananda, said to the girl that the sun, the air, and the water are created by one who made us too. We all have equal rights in the universe. There is no difference among living things in the eyes of the creator. Nature’s law does not allow discrimination based on birth, just like where the water comes from. If the water is from a cloud, it is good to satisfy humans’ thirst. If the water is from a river, water serves the same purpose to both the Brahmin and Shudra races. This water never produces different results like true religion. The nature of water does not change based on its source of origin. The purpose of water is to satisfy the thirst of all equally. It is not Water’s religion to discriminate against someone based on gender identity. The true religion of people is to help people in need.