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Education is the cornerstone of freedom.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: A reader with at least a 9th-grade education (age 15) will likely understand the text.
The chapter refers back to the Battle of Palasy occurred in an alternate realm in India in 1757. The “White Army” represents the tribes, indigenous groups, and their native Indian allies. Hiawatha is the analogy of Siraj King, leading the indigenous and allied forces against the invasion army of the British East India Company, often referred to as the “Red Army.”

Adodahu, in this context, is an analogy to Mir Jafar, the impostor minister who became corrupted by hunger for power. In this alternate realm, Jafar betrayed Siraj, leading to Siraj’s loss in the Battle of Palasy.

This narrative combines elements of historical events, mythical storytelling, and alternate realities to create a unique and engaging story. It’s important to provide readers with this clear explanation to help them understand the context and enjoy the story more fully. … Continue readingRAIL OF REALMS: CHIEF ADODAHU

Exploring Unity: Native American and Settler Relations in History

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The text is likely to be understood by a reader who has at least a 9th-grade education (age 15). Tribal Chief: (With determination) Unity is our strength, division our weakness. Let us pledge, here and now, to stand as one. We shall learn from each other, respect each other’s ways, and protect this land together. … Continue readingExploring Unity: Native American and Settler Relations in History

The Imaginary Odyssey: District 75

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The text is likely to be understood by a reader who has at least a 9th-grade education (age 15).
As they conclude their tale, Barney and Barnes convey that District 75 is a realm where education transcends boundaries, embracing diversity and individuality. Their observations serve as valuable insights, highlighting the dedication of educators, therapists, psychologists, tutors, and parents in ensuring that every child receives a tailored and nurturing educational experience. MohiKonTok absorb these insights, further enriching their understanding of education and human development. … Continue readingThe Imaginary Odyssey: District 75

Insights from District 75

Barney and Barnes’ Educational Exploration

In this narrative, Barney and Barnes, our time-traveling observers, share their visit to District 75, where they’ve carefully observed various aspects of special education classrooms and the individuals involved. They pass on their insights for educational purposes, intended for the characters MohiKonTok, as they seek to expand their knowledge of diverse educational settings. … Continue readingBarney and Barnes’ Educational Exploration

SPECIAL ED TEACHER: Mr. Anderson’s Classroom

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The episode underscores the vital role teachers play in the lives of students, especially those in Special Education. It reminds us that educators like Mr. Anderson possess not only the knowledge to teach but also the empathy and compassion to heal. Their dedication ensures that students facing crises find solace, support, and the strength to overcome their challenges, highlighting the profound impact of educators in shaping the lives of their students. … Continue readingSPECIAL ED TEACHER: Mr. Anderson’s Classroom

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