Yeah, it’s Flocabulary. We’re about to take it back, going in depth. It’s a Week in Rap, special edition. is ivermectin safe for pregnant sheep We’re going in on ISIS, giving you the history.

For a while we’ve been dealing with a crisis
In the Middle East, it’s a group called ISIS.
Or Daesh, they started in Iraq,
Since 2004, they’ve been the bully on the block.
Their goal is to create an Islamic state,
That’s also known as a caliphate.
And they use violence that’s extreme,
Manipulating Islam to justify their means.
So let’s make it known,
ISIS is not something Muslims condone.
The Islamic community at large
Is anti-ISIS and doesn’t want them in charge.
ISIS emerged from al-Qaeda,
When Syria was in a civil war is when they made a
Move—in 2014, it really got radical,
The Syrian city of Raqqa became the capital.
It’s where the government of ISIS was installed
With court, so they can enforce Sharia law.
ISIS traveled along the Tigris and Euphrates,
Through Syria and Iraq, conquering key cities.
You probably have a question to ask though:
How does ISIS maintain its cash flow?
They get money from oil, that’s that black gold,
Plus they heavily tax folks in areas they control.
They steal ancient artifacts that we may never get back,
And demand ransom money for anybody they kidnap.
They use social media to spread fear
And have recruited online and face to face over the years.
And it works, they’ve had over 30,000 foreigners
From Germany to Belgium, and they want to gain more of them.
In June 2014, they attacked Iraq,
They took Mosul, since then Iraq took it back.
They had mass executions, regular beheadings,
They mostly kill fellow Muslims, what’s the message they’re sending?
Why does ISIS kill? They believe the Quran,
Which is the holy book of Islam,
Should be followed based on their interpretation,
Even though Islam gives no justification.
See, ISIS has a very strict philosophy,
Anyone who doesn’t agree is guilty of apostasy.
Which means abandoning religious belief.
They’re terrorists, and they murder those who disagree
Publicly and brutally, and it’s sick,
But they want to scare their enemies to give up and quit,
Like with suicide bombings or the attack in Egypt
That killed Coptic Christians for what they believe in.
Or in Manchester, in the UK,
When thousands came to see Ariana Grande.
And ISIS bombed the concert,
Creating a panic and leaving many beyond hurt.
But after years of pushback from around the globe,
ISIS is starting to lose its stronghold.
They’ve lost members, money and land
Since Muslim leaders, Syrians and Iraqis took a stand.
But now states have to fill the governmental void
Left by the retreat of ISIS and all that it destroyed.
Can they create governments strong enough to last?
Built by the people to withstand any future attacks?
This is living history, and it’s complex,
But we break it down, stay tuned for what’s next.