In the hush of evening

In the hush of evening by Banshi’s shore,

Where tangled roots embrace always,

I see the black water, a mirror to the night,

Reflecting stars and the moon’s soft light.

In the whispers of the wind, I hear your song,

As the river carries memories along,

A boat ride under the vast, open sky,

With each gentle ripple, time passes by.

O river, you’re more than water that flows,

You’re the essence of stories that the heart knows,

In the spirit of New York City’s maze,

I cherish your beauty in endless praise.

Who else knows your secrets, your ebb and flow,

Your tales of ages, your rhythm’s gentle glow?

In the city that never sleeps, I find my peace,

By the Banshi River, where all sorrows cease.

O river, I love you, your essence so divine,

In your currents, a love that forever intertwines,

With roots that tangle and stars above so high,

In your tranquil waters, my spirit does fly.

Hudson River Track

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