In the heart of the mountain

In the heart of the mountain’s silent keep,

Where ancient secrets and mysteries sleep,

A river winds with a purpose true,

Its tale is entwined with the skies so blue.

Upon the rugged mountain’s breast,

The tree’s proud roots find their nest,

Entangled deep in earth’s embrace,

A testament to nature’s grace.

Like the roots that hold the mountain’s core,

The river weaves its endless lore,

Through valleys deep and forests grand,

A lifeline etched in ancient sand.

Each ripple tells a story old,

Of tales of time and legends bold,

Entwined like roots on mountains high,

Beneath the vast and endless sky.

Through twists and turns, it finds its way,

A journey written night and day,

Like roots that cling to solid ground,

In nature’s harmony, they’re located.

So let us learn from the river’s song,

And roots that hold the mountains firm,

In unity, we find our might,

Entwined in nature’s sacred light.

For like the tree and river’s flow,

Together, we can truly grow,

Entangled roots, both deep and wide,

In nature’s dance, we find our pride.

Fruits of a Love Tree

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