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The label mOHiKonTok is at the country club by Pelham bay park in the Bronx. The mission is to help songwriters to have a copyright of their audio-visual content for commercial purposes. Please understand that your creative content earns a royalty for stakeholders who make it available to the public. It would help if you also got a copyright or patent of your spoken words. You can claim streaming revenue for your songs or podcast with a copyright patent. Remember the mission of Label mOHiKonTok.

If you have studio-quality finished audio content but no copyright number (ISRC and UPC), you cannot publish your work in Apple iTunes, regardless of the use of your audio content. The ISRC meaning is International Standard Recording Code. Every artist should know about copyright law and how to copyright creative content worldwide for their protection and financial security.

Mr. Nas founded the Label mOHiKonTok in 2019. Mohikontok helps songwriters and singers to have a copyright of their audio-visual content for commercial purposes. mOHiKonTok is one of the gatekeepers for licensing music content to TV and Film media. That’s why you would need copyright numbers.

The truth about the Baul genre still needs to be well-recognized in today’s academies. Baul songs are folk songs in Bangla. It is similar to the Country song or Soul song genre. It has a unique quality that is found only in Bangla baul songs. The philosophy and melody missing in Country songs are in the Baul songs. It should be registered as Baul genre and make songs easy to search by listeners. Mr. Nas met Sohan Jajabor in Bangladesh to attend a workshop on copyright music.

What copyright means to a songwriter? Songs are copyrighted as soon as the artist tunes them. I understand more is needed to claim the right to coping production or reproduction for commercial purposes. The art piece can get copyrighted through a music publication company, government agency, or attorney. Note The attorney doesn’t take responsibility for distributing the song. Besides, Publishing a piece through labels is less expensive than paying an attorney for a patent.

LoFi means ‘Low Fidelity,’ which indicates the repetitive patterns of the composition. One of the characteristics of LoFi’s sound is that it tells listeners when the sound wave will be reproduced. The background sound loop help meditate and free the mind. Picture (Image in) affirmation statements while listening to the LoFi sound.

Mr. Nas is searching for songs of Hiawatha for the record. Hiawatha is a Native American legend unheard of. He found a book of stories titled Songs of Hiawatha written in poetry format (epic) by a non-Native author. If we record songs correctly, we will know how indigenous people in the USA performed those songs.

Hiawatha is a legendary Native American hero known for uniting native tribes in upstate New York and making the first federal government of the USA – the Iroquois of New York. In many sources, the Iroquois is the ancient form of the current US national system.

The Song of Nature is in the memoir of Hiawatha. The first two lines of the Songs of Nature pop in 2019 while taking a science class for high school students about climate change. Reduce, reuse, recycle; people care for people. The Covid-19 pandemic got us locked down. The rest of the lines were composed later in 2020 in isolation.

Music project: The Baul Philosophy

The label mOHiKonTok is a product of the Save the Baul music project. Mr. Nas collaborates with music composers and vocal artists to assist in producing songs at record labels. mOHiKonTok label helps artists and songwriters to get the copyright for their audio content.

The valuable philosophical lesson hidden in Bangla Baul music is not limited to any specific group of people. Let’s tune into the teaching of unheard Bauls of Bangla. All language-speaking people should have access to the contents of Bangla Baul songs and music theory in their native languages. mOhiKonTok makes songs and stories accessible through labels to all music platforms equally.  If they are not heard, their sound has no effect.

mOHiKonTok is sharing the teaching of unheard Bauls. In the song ‘Onek diner pagol ami,’ the poet Jalal refers to Joro Larka (Zoroaster), who is unheard of in our known network. Let’s get ready to learn.

Are you writing songs but not copyrighted? You may think you should get a patent for your music. A patent or copyright’s purpose is to claim streaming revenue. You would need copyright numbers (ISRC and UPC) to publish songs on iTunes or Spotify, regardless you want to use your audio content for commercial purposes. 

My team collaborates with artists and musicians to produce songs at record labels. If you have studio-quality finished audio content, you can submit it to the Apple iTunes store, Spotify, Amazon, and more digital stores. With proper guidance, the label mOHiKonTok helps artists and songwriters publish songs in Apple iTunes stores.

The mOHiKonTok mission is to help artists manage their audio content for licensing with the Apple iTunes store, plus more. The iTunes Store’s songs come without Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection. These DRM-free songs, called iTunes Plus, have no usage restrictions and feature high-quality, 256 kbps AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) encoding—for example, spoken words, podcasts, audio poems, songs, and relaxing music.

Meet the blog writer.

The writer is searching for songs of Hiawatha. Hiawatha is a Native American legend unheard of. He is found in stories titled Songs of Hiawatha, written in poetry format (epic) by a non-Native author. If songs are not recorded visually or orally and performed; in the correct form, none will know how it was completed. 

Hiawatha is a legendary Native American hero known for uniting native tribes in upstate New York. It was the first federal government system in the history of the USA – the Iroquois of New York. Albany was the capital city of this ancient form of the current US national system, as referred to in many sources. By the way, an artist has one-time performance revenue as s/he covers a song in a live concert but is s/he getting income from internet streaming digital media. With copyright, the songwriter and artist would get a royalty for a lifetime. 

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