English Language Arts 4th Grade

Students who needs to improve knowledge and skills in these areas

Use a Comma Before a Coordinating Conjunction

Use the Progressive Verb Tense

Use Prepositional Phrases

Reading to Identify the Theme and Main Idea 

Word Meanings Use Greek and Latin Affixes and Roots 

Key Ideas and Details

Reading to Draw Inferences

Draw Connections Between Texts and Images 

Compare and Contrast Texts

Points of View and Topics over in Texts Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

Grammar and Usage

Use Relative Pronouns and Adverbs Capitalization, Punctuation, and Spelling 

Recognize Complete Sentences

Correctly Use Words Ordering Adjectives

Craft and Structure


Objective Students will be able to identify hyperbole in a text. Students will be able to articulate hyperbolic sentences. Work independently. Introduce the objective and purpose of the lesson that we are going to learn what is hyperbole.

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