What plants need

27 thoughts on “What plants need

  1. Jose Guzman says:

    First plants need soil, Next plants meet space, Then plants need water, later plants need sunlight, Last plants need Air.

  2. Jahni Rattray says:

    a plants need water light soil air space and that it good bye

  3. Sandy Polanco says:

    Plants need water air sunlight and it need space plant has root soil and stem and leave

  4. Justin Kingston says:

    Plants need water & sunlight for it to grow & more
    healthier for it’s life to stay alive.

      1. Justin Kingston says:

        To grow plants without sunlight , we use the bright light bulbs for it to stay alive.

  5. Earl Anderson says:

    A plant needs water . A plant needs light.
    A plant needs soil . A plant needs Air.
    A plant needs Space To grow.

  6. Christopher Fields says:

    Plants need air, soil, water space, and light.

  7. Sam says:

    What plants need is they need sun so they can grow. They need water so they can survive. They need air so they can breath and they need space so they can spread there roots and grow wild and become a big and healthy plant.


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