What is something that makes you happy

6 thoughts on “What is something that makes you happy

  1. Jose guzman says:

    Hang out and spend time with family is make me feel happy because last year we went to Applebee’s To Get order Great meal

  2. justin kingston says:

    i always thought about being happy & upbeat when ever people mentions something about the world wide sensation, although i like everything whats been going on in the earth where there’s a lot of stuff to do for choice time.

  3. Jeremiah Perry says:

    What makes me happy is coming to school and Christmas and scary movie and video games and see my friends

  4. Earl Anderson says:

    Gift makes me happy because my parents bring me a gli pro
    speakers for christmas.

  5. Sandy Polanco says:

    i’m happy because i like to see the 4 train and i like to ride on it


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