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This course is specially designed for Ukulele learners. Ukulele is a native American musical instrument. There is a story about the naming of this instrument. In the native language, Ukulele means jumping flea. When people see the ukulele player’s thumb jumping from string to string like a flea, they name it Ukulele. This playlist will include anything about Ukulele.

Love to play a Ukulele

আদিবাসী দের গল্প ও ইতিহাস : বাদ্যযন্ত্র উকুলেলে উদাহরণ। এটি একটি গিটার জাতীয় বাদ্য যন্ত্র। বলা হয় পর্তুগিজ রা যখন আমেরিকা আসে তখন এই যন্ত্র আমদানি হয় ইউরোপ থেকে। স্থানীয় লোকেরা দেখতো সেই যন্ত্র বাজানোর সময় বাদকের বৃদ্ধাঙ্গুল উড়ন্ত মাছি র মতো দ্রুত উঠা নামা করে। তাই হাওয়াই দ্বীপের আদি বাসি মানুষ একে উকুলেলে নামে চিহ্নিত করে। আমেরিকার হাওয়াই দ্বীপের আদিবাসী ভাষায় এই উকুলেলের অর্থ (Jumping flee) লাফাতে থাকা মাছি। লিখিত ইতিহাস ইতিহাস নয়। লিখিত ইতিহাসের বাইরে যে ইতিহাস আছে তাকে আমরা কতটুকু জানি?

Legend of the musician Tansen

Tansen becomes an orphan at a very young age and lives with his paternal uncle. He goes to a music teacher to learn music and returns to his native village after many years of training. In the village, the shepherdess Tani is considered a gifted singer, and Tansen falls in love with her. Tani rescues an elephant and Tansen tames it by singing. This captures the attention of Raja Ramchandra, of Rewa State. He becomes Tansen’s friend. At the same time in Agra, the Mughal emperor Akbar regrets that there is no musician in his navratnas. Akbar sends a few of his workers to the countryside to find the best musician. While his workers are searching, they come across Tansen, who while singing for Tani brings a leafless tree to bloom. The workers are overwhelmed by this and ask Tansen to go to the court of Akbar along with them. Tansen refuses at first by saying that he will sing for no one other than his sweetheart Tani. After repeated persuasions, he finally agrees to go to Agra where he enthralls Akbar by his singing. Akbar appoints him as one of his navratnas. The other musicians in the royal court see this move as a threat to their reputation and status in the court. (

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