If you can hang out with any cartoon character who would it be? What would you both do for fun?

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  1. Roger Pilar Remigio says:

    I can hangout with SpongeBob because he’s funny. I can have fun with SpongeBob because we playing Jell fishing. Me and SpongeBob can play with Patrick because we like funny jokes. Me and SpongeBob can go to Krusty Krab because I can visit Mr. Krabs. I can eat Krabby Patty because it’s yummy.

  2. Lucas Valencia says:

    If I can hangout with any cartoon character, it’ll be Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen. Just like in the TV series and the movie, I will have adventures with the trio including, saving the world and get to school on time, going on vacation, and invent gadgets. The trio were now grown up to have more adventures, and more everyday life. They love to watch “The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius” on TV because they got cool parts from each episodes. I love hanging out with them.

  3. Micheel Brennann says:

    If you can hangout my favorite character bowser junior l play video games l playing trains l playing car like to basketball like to balling l like to jumping like bike I like to waffle house .

  4. Lyani Albahr says:

    I would like to hang out. with the loud house. Ten kids live in the house. They do silly things and. get in a lot of trouble Its a funny show.


    will hangout with superman bacese i like to hlep plople. he his funny guy. i like to darw. and also pomeney 2. thant my fviorte person to hangout.

  6. Jan Rodriguez says:

    If I can Hang out with a cartoon character it would be Bugs Bunny Because he is funny. I would like to hang out with him because I want to eat carrots with him and go to a water park with him and with Daffy Duck. I would like to play sports with him because that sounds like fun.

  7. Harry says:

    If I had the choice to hangout with any cartoon character, I would hang out with jotaro kujo and dio Brando, or giorno Giovanna. What I would like to do, is to get a stand ability like they do. A stand is your fighting spirit, that represents you. You have to stab yourself with an arrow to get that tho.

  8. Pray payne says:

    I would hangout with komi because she’s very cool and we can go shopping eat ramen and drink boba tea🧋and have a sleep over

  9. Bryan Jimenez says:

    If I can hang out the cartoon character will be Ben 10.
    I will do for fun is going faster a character.

  10. Angeliz puchuela says:

    If I can hang out with any cartoon character It would be Tom and Jerry. I would pick Tom and Jerry to hangout with Because They are funny and cute . I would have a Pizza 🍕 party with both of them for fun.

  11. Fabian says:

    If I could hang out with any anime character, I would like to hang with Mikasa for one she is cool to be around, for one, and what we will do together is kill titans and walk around the village, train with her, also have lunch together


    I want Dora The Explorer because she’s part of my childhood.

  13. Kya Ray says:

    I want to spend with the minions because they is so funny and me and the minions can have lunch together and have fun together


    I want Dora The Explorer because she’s part of my childhood. I just want to watch her.

  15. Jimmy Canarte says:

    I would hang out with eren jeager from attack on titan because he has a very exotic hairstyle and that’s why I decided to grow my hair long as him.

  16. Lamar says:

    I watch avengers endgame because Iron man snaps their fingers but she died. The Thanos is defeated! But Tony stark is funeral.

    I see sonic the hedgehog 2 because is sonic, tails, eggman & Knuckles. “Do why like we need your power?”

    Beware the Turning red because the Mei Mei is a red panda & Ming Lee is a Giant Red Panda. That’s is too dangerous!

  17. Tati says:

    I like to be fun a cartoon characters like Cory Baxter from that’s so raven.

  18. Jasiah Noor says:

    I would probably hang out with someone in Turning Red or Encanto. In Encanto, I would hang out with Dolores because she is my favorite character, and I would ask her how it feels to have super hearing. If I would hang out with someone from Turning Red I would hang out with Mei Mei and ask her how it feels to be a giant red panda.

    1. . says:

      Me too, but I would hang out with Dolores from Encanto and ask her if she is the villain of Encanto.


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