mOhiKonTok LoFi Music Genre

LoFi is a musical genre. LoFi stands for Low Fidelity; the recording quality of a particular album. In the late ’80s and ’90s, LoFi was used to indicate the recording quality of a particular album, but it became the genre itself too. Low fidelity became the quality of the LoFi musical genres. One of the characteristics of LoFi’s sound is that it tells listeners when the sound note will be reproduced or copied. 

Since listeners can easily predict the repetitive pattern, the producers labeled it as bad quality! It includes natural noise in the background too. Like when someone talks in a soft voice in the background. According to the New Age genre, it is necessary to have natural background noise like birds chirping, the phone ringing, rain falling, and people talking in low voices. The soft sounds like LoFi help relaxing. I have observed that ‘LoFi’ wraps are being used for motivating learners to draw attention to their daily schedule. So, the LoFi’s bad quality means a good type of bad. 

Therefore, LoFi music becomes a music genre because LoFi is low quality on purpose. The Artist mOhiKonTok produces predictable LoFi sound. It protects listeners thinking from the unpredictable harsh outside world. Think about a moment when we are looking ahead but don’t know where to start from. It creates an environment to give listeners a belief while relaxing and imagining ahead. Surprisingly the outcome is identical when considering LoFi sounds in reference to work of Mozart, Bach and Beethoven.

Moving forward, there are supporters who think that the best trend for study music is classical genre. In fact, classical music follows a repetitive pattern, and listeners can easily predict the pattern. Surprisingly it is identical when considering LoFi sounds. It helps to relax. Low Fidelity is the LoFi’s quality, beauty, and aesthetics.

In conclusion, the ‘LoFi’ stands for recording quality and repetitive pattern. It is a good idea to sleep, study, or work with LoFi Sound.

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